Friday, March 28, 2014

getting comfortable

-2007 after the birth of our first son:
In 2007 my weight was not where I wanted it to be but I just had a baby...  
We tell ourselves we're pregnant, we'll worry about our weight in 9 months?  Right?
I was married to my best friend, had a beautiful baby boy to celebrate and was teaching PE.  
Leading busy lives and full work loads, we ate out A LOT.  

I was having a tough time finding the balance again. 
In 2002 when I first started losing weight and changing my life, I was living alone in college.  It was easy to buy food for myself.  I only had to worry about ME.  I would go to the gym for 2-3 hours, finishing it off with a protein smoothie and a long nap!  ha!  Oh those were the days...
Now I was responsible for my husband and my children (one child at that time) and my balance was way out of whack.  

My husband was commuting an hour or longer to work so his days included lots of fast food lunches and then dinner was almost always death by casseroles.  They were quick, easy and tasty so why not?  Ya know what I'm talking about.  They are smeared all over Pinterest aren't they? 
You dump, mix and bake.  Usually smothered in cheeses and cream of whatever!  Ha!  We LIVED on these creations...and for two people who love to eat, these were a recipe for disaster.  

Of course there were many happy moments and as we were trying to live life, my health was slipping through my finger tips and I was taking my husband with me.  
I was falling into my old ways...what I feared MOST.    
I was not happy with the way that I looked or felt but it was a HUGE improvement from the girl I was in 2001 at the beginning of my journey so I couldn't beat myself up, my path was headed in the right direction but it seemed as though I was stuck on a bump?   


Today our lives are VERY different.

Not only have we lost weight and improved our health, we've also found our BALANCE.
It's what works for us.  Our balance may not be yours, we should each seek our own.  Finding motivation through as many people as possible that can help and relate to what we're feeling and trying to accomplish.   
My husband and I are both 110% focused on our goals, healthy living for ourselves and our children but that has a lot to do with where we started.  

We knew what it was like to gain weight together.  To find ourselves unhealthy together.  
But I also reflect on being the overweight teenager and young adult.  
The girl with little to no confidence so it is what drives me each day.  
I don't want to go back to that place.  I was slowly headed backwards and that is a very uneasy, scary feeling for someone who struggled for too many years to count.  
For my husband, he is driven by that day at the doctors office for his physical.  He was told to return later after finding out his blood pressure was too high to continue the test.  
A routine test was postponed because of his health.  
A scary moment for anyone.  
He chose to change that moment, that day. 

These moments of opportunity present themselves to us often leaving us with a choice.  
To continue living on the same path or to CHANGE?  
To want something more, something better for ourselves.
What path will you choose?

As for getting comfortable?  
Find comfort in knowing you are being that positive, healthy role model for your children.  
Get comfortable with finding balance in your busy lives.    
Find comfort in helping others live healthy.
GET COMFORTABLE exercising and eating healthy as a family!
GET COMFORTABLE living that healthy, happy life that we all deserve :)

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