Thursday, March 20, 2014

Being Featured!

LEFT: 2010                                               RIGHT: 2014
When I was asked to share my story on Another Mother Runner, feature can be found HERE:
or HERE: and find my story! 

I was absolutely honored and the response today has truly AMAZED me...
I cannot believe that my story, my struggles and triumphs are being shared throughout the US with many strong women from all over.  SO many inspirational, strong and healthy women :)  WOW.  
I have always told others that if I can help change ONE person, help them rid the fear and doubt from their minds and allow them to FEEL what healthy is...then I've done my job!
I wake up EVERY day with a battle...with a choice.  
I can allow those "easy" habits to make their way back into my life because I'm busy and I'm tired, BUT I REFUSE TO DO THAT!  
Of course I have days where I want to quit, the days where I'd rather hang out in my pajamas chowing down on a gallon of Blue Bell...BUT I REFUSE TO DO THAT.  
Yes indulging is sometimes necessary and okay but honestly I have come to a place in my life where I want to take less steps backward and MORE steps forward!  

You see I always centered my environment around food.  The food would set my mood, almost allowing a feeling of euphoria followed by feelings of guilt.  This pattern repeated itself on most days of my life.  I'd have great days, heck even great months but then a BUMP in the road and boom, I'd send that healthy lifestyle packing :(  All the good I did was now wasted the guilt would bring on poor food choices and BAM! Old Marissa was back at it...

To avoid that BUMP taking over my life these days I make a choice.  Before I step out of bed, before that alarm clock is turned off.  I make the choice to LIVE.  I make the choice to be in control of myself, allowing nothing-especially food to take credit for my good day or bad day.  I use those BUMPS as fuel to focus through my workouts.  Exercise is a secret weapon to stress relief, if you didn't know!  Works MUCH better than food did for me and it's cheaper than therapy, that's for sure!  

And as we talk about FOOD, let's eat...shall we?
Move It Momma baked Italian Chicken- (under recipes tab at top) served on a slice of sprouted bread with some Romaine lettuce and a clementine.  Keep it simple and tasty!  
Remember FOOD IS FUEL, never give it more credit than that :)  
Rotisserie chicken sliced on sprouted tortilla with power mix greens, sunflower seeds, my Greek ranch and a clementine.  Clementines do the trick at lunch time when I'm hungry, as you can see!


fancy nancy said...

So happy for you to be able to be featured!!! When they asked if I had anyone that would be were the very first person I thought of!!

jillconyers said...

I'm a long time from the beginning fan of AMR! I was honored when they asked to feature me.

You are the prefect choice for a feature :)

Bridie Sellers said...

Hey stranger! I have been busy and away from blogging for a while - congrats on being featured. You are looking so good!

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