Sunday, March 9, 2014


We have people that come into our lives and leave an impact... 
and that is exactly how I feel about my friend and Move It Momma, Stacy.
The first time I met Stacy was about 5 months ago.  
It was raining and I was working out with my Move It Mommas.  
It was like any ordinary workout.  I had the ladies working hard, we were sweaty and feeling good.
Stacy pulled up.  I couldn't see her, only her car and she didn't get out...not for about 20 minutes.
I'd later find out she was working on the courage... 
Contemplating back and get out? Or to keep living her life as it was?

I am INSPIRED by her...her ability to somehow find strength in me.  
Her ability to trust me when she didn't know me at all.  
She had the strength to get out of the car...the strength to start the rest of her life 
and for that, I am inspired by her each and every day.  

She introduced herself and we finished the workout.  It just so happens that this particular day was emotional for many of us.  We had struck a cord speaking about people that TRY to drag us down. The non-believers.  The people that make us doubt ourselves before we begin.  
In my past, I know that it was never intentional when people would speak about my weight or health but I took it personally EVERY time.  It was my huge insecurity out there for the world to see, so when someone spoke about it-even if they had good intentions, it hurt.  It hurt badly.  
Instead of giving me fuel to push forward, it would only set me back.  I too would start to believe that THIS was my life, I had accepted it and would just live life as I knew how.  
Hiding seemed easier.  I'd hide behind food and it worked for a long time.  
Until I found the strength to fight back!

So that day as we worked out hard, we cried, we were forming a bond and we didn't even know it...
We finished the workout and all sat down to talk.  We talked and talked and talked...
It seemed as though we had all been friends forever.  We were relating to one another and laying it all out there.  It changed my life.  I was able to see that I was not alone.  
Sometimes simple honesty is the best inspiration.  I thought for all those years that nobody understood what I went through each day.  
Nobody understood what it felt like to have no courage or self-esteem but as we all sat and talked that day I realized that many women feel or have felt similar at many times in their lives. 

As women we judge one another.  We judge by appearance, personality...we judge everything.  
We often assume that when one is thin and attractive, they have no struggles?  WRONG.  
We are all battling obstacles each day...we must never assume we know.  
I have learned that from my Move It Mommas.  
All different ages, shapes and sizes but we NEVER QUIT, we have one another to lean on.  

She's been through a lot.  Been handed a rough deck of cards but she makes no excuses.  She deserves more and she knows that but each day is hard.  It's a fight and she must remind herself why she wants to keep fighting EVERY day but she does!  She doesn't back down.  No obstacle is too large and no matter the goal, she's willing to take it on and TRY HER BEST.  
Her words always remind me to keep going, she always says "I am the slowest one" and to that I tell her "but you're doing it and never quitting!" 
That is what inspires others.  The strength to TRY.  
Isn't that what it's all about?  To remove that fear or "I can't" from our lives?  YES.  

LEFT: October 2013 RIGHT: 3/1/14
She is a fighter.  Look at her?  She's done amazing things and her NEVER QUIT attitude needs to reach everyone!  She gives me that look during our workouts and I know she wants to come after me or throw something, but she doesn't...she pushes through!  
She shares her victories with me and I am there at the finish line of MOST of her races...
yes, she's completed too many to count!!  

She saw something in ME that day.  I saw hope and inspiration in HER.  I believe in her.  
I know that our honesty helps us to keep pushing through every, single day.
I always tell her the road is tough, never easy BUT ALWAYS WORTH IT!  ALWAYS!  
She knows and believes that now, spreading the inspiration onto all that she meets.  
If my struggles help even one person, I've done my job.  
I am passionate about helping others.  It is deep within my heart and I hope these women see that as we workout and change our lives, together.  I hope they see my heart, my honesty and my strength to keep fighting for myself and for others!  It's important to share our passion and what we care about because it gives HOPE.  

All you have to do is TRY.  Getting up, admitting that you seek change is half the battle.  
It is a step many are afraid to take so they allow it to hold them back.  
Find the courage to get up!  

Stacy stepped out of her car that day.  
It took unbelievable courage and strength but she did it.  
She was ready to change her life.  
Ready to conquer the world and she's doing that EVERY day!

SO proud of you Stac!


Stephanie Interbartolo said...

Love you and Stacy!!! You show us that it is possible and to Never Quit. We now have each other to lean on. We will NEVER be alone! Love reading your blog!!!

jillconyers said...

Such an inspiration!

Hollie said...

This is awesome! You are so amazing in all you do and I'm so proud for Stacy too!!

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