Monday, March 24, 2014


It was only when I started believing that I could change...that I finally CHANGED.
Chances are, someone in your life right now believes in YOU even before you believe in yourself If you once believed and have now forgotten what that feels matters.  Especially if we have lost the fight, we feel defeated and accept our life as-is.  We must BELIEVE and seek a different path.  
If we find ourselves wondering IF we can do something, we need that believer to assure us that we really CAN do it.  My dream?  I want to act as that believer for as many women as possible. The women that fear change and doubt their abilities and strength.  For the Mom's that put others first (we all do at some point, don't we?) and I think sometimes we forget how strong and unstoppable we can really be. 

What I have found after working with these ladies who I am proud to call friends, is that many of their struggles with weight and health are FAR different from mine...
I grew up struggling.  Always having an unhealthy "relationship" with food.  
Many of these women ate whatever, stayed active but started gaining weight AFTER having kids. 
They never lacked confidence or had issues with food or weight.  These days, putting others first has led them to finding new struggles with stress, time, energy and finding healthy foods that the entire family will eat. 

My husband and I have a much different experience.  
We were heavy growing up, always lacked confidence and had insecurities with the way that we looked on the outside and yes that feeling increased after having children because we were now responsible for others and that just brought on more stress, which brought on more eating and less activity...ugh!

What's the point? Well I have found that...
WE ALL STRUGGLE.  It does not matter for how long, with what or how we feel.  
What matters is believing in ourselves once again...or for the first time.  
I'd sell myself short every chance I had as a teenager.  I would almost quit before I even started something new.  
I want to serve as that believer for these women for all those years that I never believed in myself. or for the ones that have stopped believing.  We all deserve more!   

The Move It Mommas completed another race this weekend, a local 10K/5K and they did great.  
I had one Momma complete her first 10K with me and the other ones took on the 5K with a vengeance.  As I passed these women throughout the race, I felt a sense of pride for each of them. They are all running for themselves.  They push hard and all fight different fears but together, we seem to be a strong force.
the feeling of being invincible.  Setting out to do something and finishing it!  
It represents so many things from my former life as an overweight/unhealthy woman.  
I would quit EVERYTHING.  
When you run a race, your goal is hitting that finish line and running right through it.  Each race represents me-FIGHTING BACK.  Each step that I take, each mile that I cross, it all represents my NEVER QUIT attitude and I think these ladies would agree...we are all FIGHTING BACK AND WILL NEVER QUIT!  
The little ones...

They must find inspiration too!  
They must find a healthy role model that helps them BELIEVE that they can...
I always associated my health with defeat and failure.  Not even sure why and when it started but I know I was young.  I allowed food to control so many things in my life.  
I never believed that I could be more, so as-is was just good enough and I accepted that.  
I think SO many people accept life the way it is because it works.  We get through each day, unhealthy or healthy but maybe we don't realize how much better life can be? 
When we inspire and encourage kids to be healthy, we are changing the world one child at a time.  Oh I know it sounds silly but I TRULY BELIEVE that each life is worth changing...inspiring.

No matter how young or old, we all deserve our best life so fight for yours TODAY! 

My friend and fellow Move It Momma, Kelly.  Whew she rocked her first 10K on Saturday!
For a woman who told me on her first day of boot camp, "I can't run"...she sure proved herself wrong on Saturday, didn't she?  She ran the entire 6.2 miles and kicked MAJOR rear end!  
I believed in her, told her she could do it, she believed in herself and BAM!  A runner is born :)  
Words cannot describe what these women mean to me...
I of course, care about many other things in life than just health and fitness HOWEVER it is what drives me, what inspires me and is my passion deep within my is what moves me and hopefully these women can see that with everything that I do.  
My husband and I, my best friend and my HEART!
He met me at mile 4, to finish off my 10K...
We have come so far, TOGETHER and that is something nobody can ever take away from us.  
I often feel like people think I can only talk health...that it's all I care about but living life each day is what matters MOST.  Living life with this man by my side and our's what keeps us going, keeps us smiling and LIVING!  

RODEOHOUSTON wake up call??!
While many say "When in Rome..."
I agree somewhat but have a HUGE problem with the norm at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!  
My problem?  Well, it seems as though it has become a deep-fried food fest rather than a rodeo. Sounds silly but as you walk around you will see funnel cakes, french fries in baskets so large it takes two people to HOLD them.  Turkey legs that are so big, it takes two hands to keep it upright.  Deep fried twinkies, brownies, cookie dough and goes on and on.  
YES we are all entitled to indulging and it is somewhat necessary to give in to our favorites from time to time but as you look around, it's the norm or so it seems.  It doesn't seem as though these people are eating their "once a year splurge", it seems more like snack and dinner time on a regular afternoon.  Maybe I'm wrong?  But it bothered me.  

My dinner that evening...
"taco less" grilled chicken tacos which were yummy but it's what you see...plain, grilled chicken in a basket!  Ha!  You decide whether that was worth $13
One of the most popular booths...
Turkey Legs!  There were hundreds and they were going so fast, they could barely keep up.  Lines as far as the eye could see, waiting to get their hands on a $18 turkey leg!  CRAZY...

As you observed the was sugary soft drinks, stacked potatoes and MORE...way more. 
And I do NOT judge...ever.  But if I am sending a person to the Rodeo that is trying to be healthy and change their life, would this be a positive environment?  Highly doubt it.  And while this stuff doesn't tempt me any longer, it used to.  I would feel sorry for myself because I "couldn't" have it. I wanted it and felt left out when I was unable to chow down.  After a while you say well everybody else is eating it, why not?!  
And YES my children ate a corn dog and some french fries with a freshly squeezed lemonade but it really was for a special occasion...not a daily habit.  And that matters.  
Your thoughts?  
I know it's a sensitive subject because I do believe in the whole "my once a year splurge or temptation" BUT I am thinking this was not the case for many...
And keep in mind Houston is one of the "fattest cities"...


Kelly Sebelius said...

Thanks for the shout out on finishing my first 10k. I never in a million years would have dreamed I could RUN 6+ miles. I never had the motivation to even try before, but you and the rest of the Move It Mommas have provided just what I needed. In words my 3 year old would understand, "To infinity and beyond..."

Liz Jacobs said...

First thanks for being extremely inspirational, as always! Second- agree totally with your rodeo review. We walked up and down the food tent 3 times trying to find something "small" because I wasn't starving. I ended up splitting a smoothie with Trey and ate some of Jim's fries. Those turkey legs always gross me out anyway like I told you about my work story! I'm all about splurging every once in a while but you are right for the majority of the people there it seems that is NOT the norm! It's really sad when you think about it. We passed people struggling with the walk from the parking lot to the arena and I'm talking young people, not elderly or special needs. Just makes you realize the environment we live in and sadly that our kids will grow up in... Thankfully we have access to enough healthy choices we can change the way they are growing up, but it's still not easy...

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