Monday, February 10, 2014

Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon and 5K recap

"Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet" 
-Doris Brown Heritage

As I think about the girl I used to be, I often think how in the WORLD am I running half marathons and inspiring others to do the same?  
As I studied in college, I thought maybe one day I'll be able to help people make changes just as I did?  Maybe I'll help make someone's road to healthy living a bit easier? 
When I taught PE, I thought maybe these children will learn to love exercise and healthy living since I never really did?
I thought while working in cardiac rehab I'd make an impact to help these heart patients see that life can be better and their heart will regain strength and keep fighting right along with them?

All of these dreams are now becoming reality through my Move It Momma's...
I am right where I need to be in my life and that feels so good.  It makes every hard day, every day that I want to feel sorry for myself or wonder why my road to healthy living has been so long and's ALL worth it when I see my Momma's, smiling and enjoying their healthier life each day!

Yesterday was my husband and I's FIFTH half marathon!!!  WE DID IT!
Who would have thought years ago, that girl who feared change would be running 13.1 miles for FUN?!  Wow!  
No matter the age, your struggles, the weight that needs to be lost, or the courage you need to find...CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

                         Our traditional before "selfie"

And we were NOT alone this time!
I had two friends join me on the half marathon-yes it was their first!  And many join in on the 5K and they all ROCKED IT!
I try to figure out how we were all brought together to fight together and gain our strength and determination TOGETHER...very blessed.  

The course was a two-loop so we were able to pass one another several times! And that would be my UGLY cry as I passed them and they were cheering for us!  Very cool feeling that I will never forget.  

Momma on the left is Cristy-she has come so far on her journey and she is so strong.   Puts her mind to something and she conquers it-no fear!  Her body is changing, her endurance is remarkable and I can count on her to be at the workouts rain or shine!  She is a beautiful mother who puts her children first but has now found a balance with her family and her health!  We called her Terminator in the race because she was focused and determined!  I kept trying to get her to talk, smile and laugh but she was focused!  Love you Cristy-SO proud and happy that I was able to share in this special milestone with you!

And Jeri-  Well Jeri didn't decide to race until the NIGHT BEFORE!  Yes this was her first half marathon but she's overcome so much already!  She has lost weight, gained her life back and has confidence and determination like nothing else!  A beautiful mother that comes to workout ready to fight hard.  She gets in the zone and there's no stopping her so I knew she'd finish this race without a problem!

We had so many compliments on our shirts and people kept yelling out, lets go Move It Mommas, NEVER QUIT!  One of the Momma's said a lady told her, "I'm going to stand behind you so I remember to NEVER QUIT" and that's what it's all about!!  
Inspiring one another each and every day to keep fighting for what we want!  Notice my shirt, "Head Momma"...I LOVE IT!!!!

And I think I'm crying once again...shocker!  I get very emotional around these women because I guess I just can't imagine them trusting me SO much with their health.  They find strength in me that I never thought I had on my own.  That means more to me than anyone will ever my life SO much more, ya know?  Amazing.  

These ladies all stayed around after the 5K to cheer us all on through the finish line.  A moment I'll never forget and I am forever grateful for.  It was beautiful to meet them all at the end with sweaty hugs and encouragement.  I am SO proud of these women.  Proud to call them friends, Proud that they are willing to let me take them on my journey with me, willing to keep reaching because I believe in them and know it's's beautiful.  
Some texts that brought me to tears yesterday following the race from these ladies pictured above,

-"I love you for getting our group to do these!  I never would have done this on my own!  You're helping so many more people than you'll ever know"

-"I have found a strength I didn't know I had and I couldn't have done that without you"

-"If I hadn't met you, I'd still be sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself and every race renews my commitment to this journey.  I'm feeling that light bulb moment that you always talk about in class"

-"God definitely knew what he was doing when he brought you into my life, Love ya more than you know"

-"You inspire each one of us and for that I am forever thankful and grateful"

-"It was priceless.  Every time I wanted to really stop, I saw a Move It Momma.  And if I wouldn't have passed you I would've walked it in but then I heard your screams.  Thank you for that.  SO very thankful for today."

WOW right?  Please tell me how I am suppose to refrain from tears after reading texts like that...told you they were AMAZING and I wasn't lying!

Hubby and I with our BLING!  Two medals this time.  One for completing it, the other for having run another half marathon over the same area back in October!!!  Woohoo!!!  

My girls and I.  These ladies somehow let me convince them to conquer what they didn't think possible and they DID IT.  They knew I believed they could do it, so they tried.  It's all about trying something that you don't think is possible, overcoming it and realizing your strength!  A feeling that'll take your breathe away.  It's beautiful.  And to share that moment at the finish line...hugs, tears and happiness.  It cannot be replaced.  These ladies are forever in my heart and are a HUGE symbol of strength to me and so many others...
God brings certain people into your life for many different reasons and today I am truly grateful for all that he has blessed me with this past year.  I see a new person in myself, full of new life and happiness.  That girl that hid behind food is no longer hiding.  I am HERE hoping to make a difference and hopefully acting as that symbol of hope for people who are afraid to START.  Our children watch and they see our example.  I try and tell these Mom's that their commitment to exercise and their health is being seen by so many and we never know who we are inspiring at that very moment...our husbands, children, neighbors, friends or family!  We are in this TOGETHER!


Stephanie Interbartolo said...

Wow! What a wonderful day and experience. I LOVED seeing you each time and watching you push yourself and others. I love that you did it together and that we were able to witness it. YOU are our inspiration! We are all blessed to know each other & to be a part of something so wonderful. YOU!

fancy nancy said...

It's clear that when you live your life in this way it is just natural that you inspire those around you! They are a blessed group to have you! You are such an inspiration!!

Hollie said...

You are amazing! I know I've said that before but what you are doing is just beyond awesome!

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