Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Break Challenge

The time is here!  Spring is in the air and this time of year used to freak me out...
Spring and Summer in Texas mean less clothing to hide all that we've covered up for months...
Have NO FEAR, we are starting a challenge today with my group locally but that doesn't mean all of my followers can't join in on their own challenge right along with us?  ABSOLUTELY.
We are better together, fighting together and knowing we are not alone so lets buckle down and do this.
Today when I meet with my group, we will do first weigh-in (starting weight) and on Thursday, March 6th we will do final weigh-in (before week of spring break!) and I will figure up percentage lost and determine our "winner".  To me, there is NO winner in this fight.  We all fight and keep fighting but it does offer incentives and added motivation so why not?

If you'd like to send your before picture/starting weight (picture of the scale with you standing on it for verification) you can join in and be the "at home" winner.  
Email me at rissarose80@yahoo.com TODAY in order to participate and keep things fair.
For the challenge, I will post easy recipes, added motivation as always and pictures of our progress here "at the ranch" LOL...I guess I'm dreaming that one day Move It Mommas will be a huge facility, ready to help women that feel lost and afraid of change and yes my dreams are high but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.  Nothing is.  

As we begin today, knowing it is Day 1 of our challenge I have many women texting this morning terrified to step on that scale or send pictures.  I can relate to that feeling more than you'll ever know.  As an overweight child, anytime weight was brought up I'd flee.  Run as fast as I could AWAY from the scale.  Why would I step on there, in front of others, knowing I'd probably weigh double than most of my friends.  I STILL have that same fear every time someone mentions scale, weight, measurements.  Eeek.  I remember stepping on in my jr high PE class, which I hated by the way.  She shouted out my weight and I heard a few kids chuckle.  I was mortified and immediately cracked a funny joke to distract the attention and it worked THANKFULLY.  Saved by my humor every time.  It covered up my huge insecurity that was out there for the world to see. Fast forward to my college years, sitting in my apartment. I stepped on the scale, all alone after crying for hours and stuffing my face with a double cheeseburger and French fries in hand. Sad that I allowed that food to control me, my emotions and my life. It was something I could depend on to "fix" things immediately, every time. How did FOOD have that much control? I stepped on, saw the weight and found myself unable to step off. What would I do? How would I fix myself? I had spiraled out of control and felt helpless standing there realizing how far I had gone this time. But was this time like every other? Go at it for weeks only to find myself giving up because it was "too hard", staying the same was easier...easier was good right? 

NO! Easier was easier and brought me to the same place I tried to avoid over and over again. That pool of doubt, shame, defeat. I want each of you to always know that EVERY FREAKING DAY I WAKE UP READY TO FIGHT. No day is easy. Every day I conquer my fears, control my foods and emotions is a day worth celebrating. The FIRST STEP, stepping on that scale, trying on those pants...it's hard but the only way to go is up. We fight to move forward, not fall back. You are worth more. Don't allow your weight to control where you go and don't go, for fear of having your weight make you stand out in a crowd, for fear of those people waiting...waiting for Failure. But not because they hate you, but because when you fail they don't feel so bad for not succeeding themselves at something they set out to do. 

Momma Terry, one of my fearless and determined Move It Momma's is a fighter. She came to me ready for change. She makes no excuses, is off all of her medications and started at 160 and how weighs 132! CHANGE IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE. NEVER TOO LATE. Inspiration is all around us...go out and find it! Surround yourself with strong, beautiful women that will stand by you in this fight for YOUR HEALTH! 

I started my challenge to myself yesterday. I'm down 1lb and will continue to fight! 
Ole high fiber/low carb tortilla with ground turkey and black beans. Although I will limit beans quite a bit these next, few weeks it sounded too great to pass up! Pop in toaster oven until crispy! Served with mixed greens & spinach, sprinkle of feta-less than a teaspoon just for flavor, and few crumbled walnuts with purple onion. No dressing needed but bet lemon juice would be great!  
Fresh fruit cut up in the fridge is a quick snack paired with a lean protein or dairy protein like cottage cheese or string cheese.

Cereal medley ;) 
Trader Joes High Fiber O's, Kashi Go Lean and some fresh raspberries! 

My sons breakfast! Chobani tube, fresh berries and some TJ O's!! His requests make me proud and help me understand that leading by example for our children pays off. They ARE watching us and the choices we make for our health! Be that example.

And if you decide to take on this challenge with us...keep THIS in mind! 

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