Saturday, February 1, 2014

Color Up 5K recap!

Her words speak such truth...
I look forward to this show every week.  BEST show on TV!  
Inspirational and life changing...nothing better!

I tell my Move It Momma's during EVERY workout that they must keep fighting, keep reaching and NEVER QUIT!  I lived life with many regrets and wanting change but never putting forth the effort and work to make it happen...

From the day these Momma's started with me, they have changed my life...
Yea sure I'm the one that's suppose to be the motivator and most of the time, I think I am but the way that they keep reaching, keep pushing and they allow nothing to stand in their way...that's impressive!  Their strength, their passion and the fact that they keep going is what moves me to tears most of the time.
They allow no obstacle to be "too big".  They have a bad day, so what...they try harder the next day.  They have it figured out and it makes me so happy to be a small part of their beautiful journey.
We've cried together, we've struggled together and of course, we've sweat together!  
That makes a bond like nothing else :)
Their weight loss is incredible and their bodies keep changing but more than anything its their MIND...
And their endurance.  They've come so far physically and mentally.  
They have made up their minds that change is possible with hard work and determination, and they are getting there one step at a time.  
Each of these ladies has a story, different struggles and different health and fitness goals BUT the only thing that matters is that we support one another and NEVER QUIT.  Sounds simple and it really is.  The hard work, dedication and struggles are all worth it!  And watching them push toward that finish line makes me SO happy and proud.  Each time they set out to take on a new goal and reach's worth celebrating!  And why not? Life is hard enough as it is.  Getting healthier, losing weight and reaching fitness goals is HARD so why go at it alone?  
We are a team, a group that will stick together no matter what life throws our way...
(the guy in the pic above totally photo-bombed!  Hilarious)

My Mom, ME and cousin Debbie
SO proud of these ladies.  My mom never struggled as I did but she stays active and eats healthy AND she was always supportive...she is still supportive!  SO I'm very proud of my Mom and Debbie, who has lost over 55lbs this year!  Woohoo!  

My hubby, Justin and I before the race!  I am so happy that the four of us decided to run together.  We pushed little man for most of it but when it was time for him to run through the color stations, he was SO excited!  Our oldest son ran the entire race and we finished in decent time :)  
VERY proud!
SO happy that I'm exposing my boys to healthy living from an early age but keep in mind 

Uh Oh, they finished and they are a MESS!

Nothing like being with family and friends at an event like this!  
We laughed, cheered and BECAME COLORFUL!  Ha!
I wish you could meet them in person, be inspired by their courage and determination.  
We are there for one another and in life, it's what matters most.  
Nothing more than's all we offer for one another and it's enough.  
Smiles and COLOR all around!  A fun day and now we're looking forward to our 5th half marathon next weekend, a Move It Momma will conquer her first half marathon AND my other Mommas will participate in the 5K and cheer us on.  I'll be an absolute mess as I see them at the finish line next weekend!  They push me each day, whether they know it or not.  They do.  At my last half marathon they were sending me encouraging text messages and I was sobbing so you can imagine when I see them in'll be a shocker if I can hold myself upright!  Ha!  

And hopefully we'll get MeMe and Debbie out there again in the near future :) They did great and the boys thought it was so neat that MeMe was racing!!!  Yay!


Stephanie Interbartolo said...

Can't wait to cheer you on next weekend! We all love you and all you do for us! You are the BEST!!!

Stephanie Interbartolo said...

Can't wait to cheer you on next weekend! We all love you and all you do for us! You are the BEST!!!

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