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When you hear that healthy living is a lifestyle, it may sound silly or unrealistic but truth is...
it is the ONLY way 
I wasn't given a gift of a new life, I created a new path for my life :)

Not through surgery, pills, a promising infomercial or fad diet...

I often reflect on the girl I used to be because that was my life.  
I lived it each day.
I was responsible for making it healthy and positive 
or unhealthy and destructive...
we have that choice EVERY day.  

Allow me to take you on an emotional journey of a life forever changed by ME.
I had to get sick of it.
Fed up with this life in order to seek lasting change.
I had to get angry for all of the times I quit on ME.
...after I did that, the change would begin to transform my life.  

Left 2007, Right 2014

The pictures below is why I plead with each of you to teach your children the right way.  
Help them if they seem to over eat, or lack the motivation to get outside to play and be active. Show them that exercise and healthy eating is fun and makes us feel good.  
Lead by example.  
It is SO important.  It is their life.

This was me in 6th grade.
Of course I have happy memories at this age.  I had plenty of good friends and fun times but on the inside...very self-conscious and unsure about myself.  Always jealous of the pretty girls, never wanting to dress out in PE and based my moods and happiness on FOOD.  I ate a lot while my mom was at work, ate a lot when nobody else was watching and instead of feeling and dealing with my emotions, I ate right through them...
I can recall so many times opening a brand new bag of chips only to look down while watching TV to find that bag practically empty yet I'd keep eating.  Makes me ANGRY looking back...
I lacked confidence in myself which held me back from so many activities and I regret that.  

Sophomore year of college, 1999
I loved living on my own, near friends and we had so many fun times.  
BUT living on my own I was also responsible for the foods I brought into my apartment so why did I always gravitate to the junk food?  I could classify cereal as unhealthy because rather than pouring the cereal with milk and be done I'd pour and eat, pour again and eat again...until the box was GONE.  
I would eat until I felt sick...
Who eats until they are sick?

a "selfie" in 2001.

How do I break the cycle?
I had a decision to make.
The time was now because I was finding myself trapped.  
My days were filled with overeating, fast food, alcohol and cigarettes.
YES it was that bad.  

I look at these pictures and can see right through myself, I hurt for her.  

Yes we had countless good times, college was some of the BEST years of my life but it is often clouded by pain and sadness when I see pictures like this.  Instead of remembering these fun moments with my friends, I am drawn to me.  I don't even remember me THIS heavy.  I was always the life of the party, there to make you laugh and help ensure a good time but I'd leave feeling empty and depressed...that's no way to live.  

I very fondly remember being a prisoner to fast food.
I would finish a late, fun night with friends and drive through the nearest restaurant alone, eat in the car and cry myself to sleep feeling like a total failure.  
I did all of this YET never did anything about it.  
If we WANT change, WE MUST GO OUT AND GET IT and WORK HARD FOR IT not just talk about it or feel sorry for ourselves.  That gets us nowhere.  Excuses get us nowhere.  
For those that know me, they probably never realized my weight and health because they loved me for ME.  
That means so much to me but when I look at pictures like these, 
it drives me.  
It pushes me and makes me want to seek change for ALL.  
I want to help as many people in this world as I can.  
I want them to feel good, to have confidence and feel strong.  
Women are strong, we are meant to reach goals, exceed expectations and LIVE LIFE.  

I close my eyes at night and wonder why I lived life that way for so long?  
Why was I afraid to change?
Why did I fear failure?

Pick yourself up and stop feeling sorry, stop fearing failure and change...
When I see pictures like these I realize that CHANGE MUST BE FOREVER.

While after having kids, I gained a bit and allowed myself to get comfortable, I haven't gone back to this dark place I was in for so long.  Not at all.
And that brings a smile to my face and pride in my heart.  
It feels good to not give up on ourselves.  It feels good to do something all on our own, no handouts just hard work and dedication.  

I fight my emotional issues with food EVERY day and there's not a day that goes by that I don't wake up with a choice.  We always have a choice.  
To keep reaching for that CHANGE or to fall back to that unhappy place?
I must celebrate and praise myself for each day that I choose CHANGE.  I can always improve, always gain strength and work on my health...always!  It is a gift and I have worked SO hard to give myself the greatest gift of LIVING life with my beautiful family, friends and Move It Momma's...what can be better than that? 

This journey has made me STRONG.  
And I WILL get stronger as times goes by, as I reach and exceed more goals that I set for myself.  
I have the passion in my heart to help all those women that need a cheerleader on this bumpy road.  The times that are tough are the days I love most.  Those are the days that make me FEEL how far I've come.  These pictures are a visual of how far I've come since my trip bridesmaid dress shopping trip in 2001 feeling like I wanted to crawl into a hole and never return.  

I chose to LIVE.  I chose to make that CHANGE FOREVER.  I choose it EVERY DAY.
In my workouts every day I push for those overweight and obese children teens and adults, I push for those that are physically unable to exercise or run, I push for those that always doubted me, 
I push for ME and I WILL NEVER QUIT!

And in true Move It Momma fashion,
After getting sappy let's talk FOOD!  Healthy, easy and delicious food!

Move It Momma crock pot tenderloin
You'll Need:
1lb pork tenderloin
1 package low sodium brown gravy mix
1 cup water
1/2 yellow onion-sliced
1 clove garlic

Set crock pot to Low 8 hours, dump dry low sodium brown gravy mix and 1 cup water onto pork tenderloin in crock pot-I used liners for easy clean up :)
Add onion and garlic and cover!
For lunch we served over a little brown rice and veggies.  For dinner just slice and serve with fresh string beans.  
For my sons I made them a sandwich with this meat inside!  They LOVED it and served with fruit!

Post-workout last week I used some leftover sirloin steak bites that my husband made on the grill with string beans and 1/2 c brown rice
Simple, delicious and fuels me with protein, vegetables and starch.  

His and Hers breakfast wraps and oranges :)
Just an example of how preparation is SO important!
Eggs were made in the oven at 400 for 25 minutes in a Pyrex. Fluff and enjoy and store the rest away in plastic containers!
Warm quinoa tortillas that I posted on here last week, one slice Boar's Head low sodium turkey breast, scrambled egg/egg white mixture and an orange.  Took 5 minutes and it was delicious!
My husband wraps these up to bring on the go for work too!  They taste great especially when you toast the rolled up wrap in a convection for 10 minutes on 400!  YUMMMM!  

This CHANGE wouldn't stick for me if I didn't keep things interesting!  I change foods up, turn leftovers into an entirely different meal and only allow myself ONE portion.  My goals are THAT important to me.  I have come too far to give up and doubt myself all over again.  


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You're so incredible. #1 for doing it the good old fashioned way. #2 for maintaining it the good old fashioned way. #3 for sharing your story and inspiring others. I heart you!

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