Friday, April 4, 2014


It comes in different forms, doesn't it?

I feel like I work toward my physical strength EVERY day.
I workout, I eat right and I encourage others to do the same.  

My emotional strength...
I definitely have to work on leaving my emotions out of my food choices, but put emotions into my workouts which make me stronger physically...

Yesterday my son had surgery for an issue that has been going on for almost a year.  

Strength came in a whole, new form yesterday.

Finding the strength to stay positive and be strong for my son was the TOUGHEST thing I've ever done.
Yes losing weight is HARD, fighting my issues with food is HARD, and motivating others to seek their healthiest life is also HARD but nothing compares to what I went through yesterday...

The surgery would put him under general anesthesia and would be exploratory looking for "something" that would be causing concern and symptoms that we've dealt with since last May.
I always stress the importance of STRENGTH to fight through a workout, to push away those tempting foods that bring us down, to push away those that want to bring us down, and strength to know we are worth fighting for.  

But this...this was different.  
It was a strength I never knew I had.
I had to keep looking my boy in the eye, telling him everything would be okay.  As the doctors walked him away from us, I had to wave and tell him I'd see him in a bit. heart was in my stomach.
And the waiting?
I watched the screen, feeling helpless and fearing that I'd crumble at any moment.
The surgeon called us into the room before we were able to see my boy and he told us "he did great and all was okay."  
Those words...
As parents we put our children first NO MATTER WHAT. 

We sometimes allow small issues to create BIG problems but what for?  Why?

Life is full of opportunities to make us stronger.  To help us realize what is truly important.  

Yesterday's experience tested my strength on a different level.  
I am strong physically and emotionally but having strength when our world feels like it's tumbling down...a little different.  A new fear I had to tackle yesterday and we are all stronger because of it. My boy was in God's hands and although we will work on healing him, it is treatable and okay...the answers we've wanted to hear for almost a year.  
Before changing my life I was great at putting my fears, my doubts and worries into food.  It "fixed" most bad days in an instant only to cause shame and sadness in the days to follow.  
I didn't do that this time.  I relied on my family, my strength that comes from within.  The strength that we earn as a Mother.  A strength I never knew until having my own children.  A strength my mother had for years that I knew nothing about until yesterday.  She was our rock.  Stronger than me at that moment of fear as my son walked through those doors...

Life is a precious gift.  We must work to live our fullest, healthiest life TODAY.
It takes strength and sacrifice, good days and bad but is always worth it.  Always!

I have a fierce and beautiful Move It Momma that shared something with our group the other day.  While she has lost weight, cut her blood pressure meds in half, 
among other milestones on her journey...
She was headed to hear routine choir practice.  It was upstairs and in the past, she would reach the top feeling winded and unable to catch her breath.  She'd take 10-15 minutes to calm down, missing the warm-up but would then proceed with the group.
She walked straight up those stairs, warmed up with her group and she was LIVING.
Living life.
No more hiding or being afraid.
No more missing out on life's little moments.
We grab it, throw fear out the window, find the strength to keep fighting.

It is about our health.  The health of our families and the way we live each day.
We must take advantage of every moment that life has to offer and we do that best by taking care of our bodies on the inside and out.  I feared change for so long until I finally took control of my life.  I feared for my son yesterday but I knew it was not in my control and I had to find the strength to put my fears aside and be strong for my boy. 
 STRENGTH comes in many forms and it's how we use it that truly helps us become our best!

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