Monday, April 21, 2014

the FIRE

There are times in life where we find it, can't get enough of it and keep it lit 
while other times...
It fades and we must FIGHT to keep it going.

For me it's a decision.
We can't make excuses for why that FIRE wants to go out.  
We can't pretend that our health will fix itself overnight.  
That FIRE takes work.  
It takes determination.  A LOT of determination.  
We must accept our struggles for what they are and deal with them in a positive way.  
Fight FIRE with FIRE so to speak...
Things get tough, you fight back.  The harder the times, the harder we push.  

We each fight our own FIRE.  
For some the workouts come easy and the food is hard work, while others depend on eating right and the exercise is tough.  Maybe it's both that are hard to maintain in this world full of stresses, obligations and ups and downs.  
I fight my fire each day.
Some days are easy while others are so hard.  SO hard.  
It's those HARD days that keep me strong.  Keep me fighting and keep me reaching.  
If it wasn't for the hard days, this fight would be less meaningful and powerful.  
I wake up just like some of you, tired and worn out.  Ready to stop reaching for a goal that seems too far out of reach.  But where would I be if I quit fighting?  Back in that slump that was trying to take over my life for so many years?  Hiding and not living the life I pictured in my mind but was too afraid to seek?  

Although we have times of stress, struggles and doubt we must still find a way to light it up!!!
Finding people that can help keep it lit works well.
We depend on one another and when the group is off, then we are all off.
We are better together...
Today we ran for Boston.  
It was amazing and emotional.
I have women of all ages and fitness levels but we all are striving, fighting to keep that FIRE.

We can't live life looking at the road ahead, however long or far away it may be. We must put ourselves in that race every day. Our goals will be different and we should never compare one persons road to another...

we ALL have challenges, but one thing stays the same- THE FIRE! 

This tortilla find is SO good ;) 
Found them at Randall's and they taste great for eggs, turkey wraps and fajitas! 
Only 60 calories and 6 carbs 

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