Monday, April 14, 2014

throwing in the towel?

that is an easier option, isn't it?
I guess it CAN be if we allow it.
The part that I've had to wrap my head and heart around is that we can no longer allow it.
It must be a decision we make as soon as we open our eyes on a new day...

You have two choices,
let it win and defeat you 
jump up and conquer the day knowing you are in control of decisions you make throughout the day

Easy ways to take on the day in a positive way?
Take it in 30 min increments.  Sounds a bit silly but it may work!
Make a healthy choice for breakfast-30min later focus on that great choice, make another healthy choice to park further from the office bldg or store-30min later you realize that you've made two, positive choices for the day...and keep going!
Small, healthy habits go a LONG way.
For me, I celebrate each positive choice.
Every one of them because they matter to ME.
It is a HUGE deal for me to incorporate protein into my breakfast.  Why?  
A. Because it's good for you.  
B. Because my breakfast used to include carbohydrates and little else.
SO I celebrate that :)
I celebrate the fact that I used to dread walking the track for a mile and I now look forward to crossing the finish line of 5K's and half marathons :) that's something to celebrate AND
this helps me to stay positive and not focus on how far I have to go.
Those milestone moments will come in time, but the every day stuff...that happens often enough to keep me on track and focused every week.

Have a bad day?
Great.  Take that bad day and move forward instead of dwelling.
I used to love dwelling on the past.  Letting my past mistakes and defeats push me to more failure. But how is that a way to live?
It's NOT.

As I've said a million times before.  I have the degree and knowledge of how to take care of our bodies, our minds and our hearts BUT that only goes so far in life...

Life's big moments are the ones where we really discover our potential.  We discover how great we really are and how we are worth fighting for!  I didn't find these moments through studying exercise physiology and health education in was learned through life's ups and downs.  Throughout my weight loss, gain, loss and gain again.  That yo-yo that was my life. 
It was found through hard work and dedication...and NEVER QUITTING. 

I have realized that without believing I can do it, the science doesn't matter.  
I could try a million diets and weight loss programs but without believing I could do it, 
it was simply going through the motions only to fall short months later.
Who wants that?

Our first Saturday group was phenomenal and my own Momma even came for a good butt kicking!
Yay!  SO proud of these ladies for SHOWING UP.
That's half the battle and they conquered it on Saturday :)

Give yourself a little pat on the back for each time you attempt something that is meant to better your health.  It matters.  WE ALL MATTER so go and fight for yours TODAY!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

you are always so positive, I love it :)

jillconyers said...

Jump up and conquer the day! It's the only option.

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