Monday, August 31, 2015


We must make up our minds to be better than we were yesterday...

Not all women lived 80-100lbs overweight like me, not all women struggled with compulsive eating/emotional eating like me, but no matter the obstacles we face 
we must fight back EVERY day...

(this is one of my "listen to me" moments that was captured at boot camp last week!  I look angry but really I'm just sharing my honesty and probably telling them something life-changing...OR I was telling them the next song on the playlist was gonna be a good one!!! Ha!!)

The girl I used to be plays a huge role in the woman and health advocate I've become.  The day I stop trying is the day I've quit on myself and every woman I've reached.  Where's the girl I used to be?  Oh she's there, in the shadows with every woman or child that I meet, watching out for me and the choices I make EVERY day. SHE is that reminder I need...the one that keeps me moving forward rather than slipping behind.  
EVERY day and EVERY new person that I meet gives me ONE opportunity to make a difference in their life so I must choose wisely.  I strive to put myself out there almost immediately after meeting someone because I want them to see ME!  
Believe it or not, it matters so much.  Exposing who I am and what I stand for is important so they can see that I'm not a threat but far the opposite!!  I'm going to fight beside them, in their corner and will be there until they need me no more!
I'm not one to hide behind an image...that's just never been and will never be who I am.  What you see IS what you get and I think that's where people find me approachable.  I don't cover up the fact that I've been in that deep, dark place and I know what it felt like to fail time and time again even after THINKING I wanted something so terribly bad.  Only to fall short and beat myself up until I was lower than I was before...and it was a cycle I couldn't break for SO many years.  I thought I was destined to fail at EVERY thing I tried...
but it was never because I wasn't good enough.  
I was ALWAYS good enough, I just doubted myself so much that I never gave myself a chance to succeed...
Yep, the mind is THAT powerful...

EVERY day we have a choice.  

Do we eat right?  
Do we make time for exercise and movement? 
Do we take EVERY opportunity to let the people that we love most, know we love them?  
Do we spend special moments with our families that will stay in their hearts for a lifetime?  
Do we quit on ourselves because quitting is simply easier? 
Do we push people away for fear that they may see the real person behind the "picture" that we paint? 

These are ALL choices we make...

it's up to us to make the RIGHT CHOICE, whatever that may be?! 

I don't hide the girl I used to be because SHE matters and always will.  
She helps me push further EVERY day.
She helps me relate to others that may share similar struggles and fears.
She helps fuel the fire to help children and women of ALL ages change their lives and make healthy choices ONE DAY AT A TIME.
She helps me keep my passion alive every day with the women I inspire.
She's beside me as I cross the finish line of every race. 

The woman I've become is different, stronger, more powerful and inspirational to ME.
She helps me change my life, EVERY day.
She pushes me beyond my limits and has me reaching and exceeding goals I never imagined.
She knows my heart and she knows my soul.
She LOVES to live life, be adventurous and challenge herself.
She puts her health and happiness as a priority.

Time to ask yourself if you are willing to try EVERY day to be better, stronger and healthier?
If the answer is NO then you just aren't ready for the change and determination needed to make life-changing things happen...but have no fear, it'll come 

but not until YOU are ready to step up, stop making excuses and start giving yourself the life you deserve and the one you've dreamed of but have never had the guts to fight for!!!!  

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