Wednesday, August 26, 2015

If you don't like it, work for it!

Watching Extreme Weight Loss last night, it got me usual!

She struggled with eating through her emotions, which is something I can relate all too well...
Even during her "year of change", she would find herself faced with stress, emotional baggage and she IMMEDIATELY turned to food.  Just like ME. Some might say, there's no way that food can have that much power over someone? But it's the truth IF we allow it to be.
I hated my arms, back...heck, I wasn't thrilled with my body but instead of working for it, I used it as a setback and excuse, ate more and would dwell on things not being fair. Seems easier to blame someone or something for the way things are in our lives, doesn't it?  Truth is, many will see right through us and know that at the end of the day it's simply a bundle of excuses that have trapped and tied us down. 

It's not about fair or accepting the way things are.  If we don't like it, we need to work for it.  At the same time, we MUST learn to stop comparing ourselves to other women.  We can't compare apples or oranges because then again, we are set up to fail.  
But if our health is getting in the way of every day life, we are feeling drained and stressed- exercise and nutrition play a HUGE role in changing all of that.  With that change on the inside, you'll start to see the changes on the outside and while it may not look like the women around you or this picture-perfect woman you envision, it's a BETTER YOU and that should mean more anyway!

For years, I HATED my arms...would never expose them and would blame them on the way I was built.  Well, sadly that was an excuse...if I want to work for it, that can change! It may not be those perfect arms that I picture in my mind but it's MY BEST and that's finally good enough!

From the girl I used to be...

Being able to show my arms and then have a picture taken of my arms is HUGE!  An emotional step for me that's all part of m journey.  First I had to feel better, feel worthy of change and stop making excuses for the way things making things better through exercise and proper diet, the physical changes come daily and that feels good too.  The best part?  I don't know what to body is forever changing and while I'm getting older, I've had two children and I've lost over 100lbs, this is ME.  I have stretch marks, loose skin and imperfections galore but it's ME and I work hard to be the best ME that I can be...and that's good enough!  It may not be like the supermodel featured in the latest magazine but that girl can't take my hard work away, she can't take away the way I feel inside after meeting a huge goal I've set for myself or crossing a finish line!  That is MINE, forever!  

Take a step back and realize what YOU are capable of!
What can you change and make better?
Don't make superficial goals but rather set goals that will make YOU proud and make you feel good enough!  We are all good enough and all have the ability to change the way things are, most of the time, so why not fight for it and change it!  

Feeling our best isn't a gift, it's earned!

If we aren't living our best, that's OUR fault.  
Find what inspires you, what makes you feel good and keep it!  Let it push you beyond your wildest dreams!  I NEVER saw my life looking and feeling like it does now...ever!
I saw it the way I lived it...unhealthy, afraid and unhappy.  
That's not the way it had to stay, so I changed it!  

We must let go of the bad habits, emotions and guilt that brought us to our unhealthiest place.  We can't stay there forever, because we'll eventually drown in our own pity and self-doubt!  Rise above it and expect more from yourself!  Sure it takes giant hunks of courage that maybe you haven't seen in a while, maybe never but it's in there...inside YOU!  Dig deep! 

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