Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Come Together!

It starts with a desire to change...
We set a goal to be better...
We want something different out of life...
We want to FEEL good...
Where do we begin?
One by one we make up our minds.  We've had enough and we're ready for something better...

We find a place where the number on the scale doesn't matter.  The size of our clothes doesn't matter. Our age, height or social status doesn't matter...
We find a place of comfort and encouragement...
And then...
We are getting it right...FINALLY!
You can too!
It's about feeling good.  It's about setting a goal and the feeling we get each time we reach one after another...it's contagious and addictive!  Suddenly you find yourself craving healthy foods and exercise.  We seek new goals that place us outside of our comfort zone and we like it!  

Where'd that come from, right?!
Not long ago, you were sitting around feeling sorry for the way things were...but those feelings are gone from your mind and replaced by only, "Oh yea, watch me!" feelings!

THAT is the best way I can describe the way my life has changed.  It has changed drastically and nobody did it for me...I DID IT FOR ME!  I had no easy path, I took the road less traveled and while it was scary, it helped me grow and gave me the ability to relate to and help others!  
For THAT, the journey will always be worth it!

Each woman or child that I meet gives me an opportunity.  An opportunity to share my passion for what I do.  I am not looking to get rich or make a name for myself, but simply looking to inspire people...inspire them to see what I see.  Inspire them to feel good and help others feel good too.  Life is too incredibly short to let it pass us by.  
I want to inspire children to value their bodies, their health and the beauty of movement! We have strong bodies that are able to do incredible things, if we allow it! 
 Laziness is a state of mind that MUST be changed so that all can feel good, healthy and strong!  

I lived lazy...it was a sad place.  I stayed there for WAY too long.  I was wasting my life, one day at a time over what I thought was "the way things were for an unhealthy girl". It was an excuse I made long ago and that excuse was validated in my mind for years...and years! 
It helped me sink deeper into that hole, it provided a nice place of discomfort and pity.  
You see lazy and unhealthy was comfort for me...it felt safe.  

Been there?

Our youth...look at them??!  

The world is a BIG place.  
We do not want our children lost or hopeless.  Just because one child "looks" a certain way, doesn't make it okay for them to eat junk and play video games...
it's a matter of do they FEEL GOOD??!  

They are children, they don't know unless we SHOW THEM!
I thought I felt good...sometimes.  When really I had NO idea what feeling good meant until I reached my 20's...after I lost the weight, gained a new perspective on life and started opening my eyes to the world around me.  

Browsing the cereal aisle with my two boys yesterday and I found that health teacher quickly...
The boys asked, "Mom, why is Shaq on the front of a sugar-filled cereal box instead of the healthy ones you've showed us?"...
Good question and it was tough to answer!

Our children learn from exposure and from giving them truth...
The decorative, colorful cereals placed at THEIR level were mostly high sugar, low fiber/protein cereals...they advertised with cartoons, athletes and prizes!  
Why would a child NOT want these?  
We teach them to tell the truth, how to read/write so why not teach them how to fuel their bodies or how to exercise for good health?!  It's ALL important, isn't it? 
It was great because by the end of my "lesson" I had two other families listening in and reading labels :)  It was an awesome moment!!!  

Don't be fooled, I was a happy-full of life child but behind closed doors, I hurt.  More emotionally at first.  I could look around a room and SEE that I looked different.  I ate more than kids my age, heck-I ate more than most adults.  Most can toss this aside as, "Oh they'll grow out of it" "I can't deprive my other kids because he/she has a problem with overeating"...well, 
 If as a family you ALL focus on feeling good and being healthy, REGARDLESS OF THE WAY YOU LOOK but more the way YOU FEEL then that group effort becomes contagious and they will all benefit...even you!!!  

Each morning we come together, it's NEVER about comparing ourselves to others...
We don't want to be the same, we want to be different!
We focus on OUR journey, not the woman standing beside us.
We can only grow when we exceed our limits we've set for ourselves!  

We are in the drivers seat and it's up to us to decide where we want to go!!!  

I've never met a woman that I felt couldn't change or fight harder!
We are only as strong as we want to be!  
We are also setting the example for our sons and daughters...we want them to see us pushing regardless of our own obstacles that stand in our way each day!  

We can make excuses or we can make changes!  WE DECIDE!
I had to stop making excuses because they took me nowhere...
I'd rather make change- big or small because then I know I'm healthy, strong and constantly evolving into the woman I want to be...

YOU are strong and there's no obstacle too large so dream big and fight for it!

I had a women who had hand surgery a few weeks ago.  She was so sad that she'd be "out" from our classes for a while.  I said I was sorry to hear it but that there were always ways to modify and options for her if she'd like to continue class until it was healed...
Immediately she responded with, "Ok, I'll be there" and she's been there every day since...
It's ALL about the attitude you have about life and your health!  I was just offering a suggestion, a glimmer of hope and she took it and literally RAN WITH IT!

THAT is part of what makes my "job", the best job in the whole world!!!!!

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