Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I try to often not take it personally when someone thinks they want change but when they find out how much work it takes to get healthy or healthier, they stop's tough!

THE hardest part of my job is knowing that I can't make every person I come into contact with, WANT IT! I can't do the work for them or show them success they think they desperately want and must come from within.  It comes from a place that often times, people forget that they have...way down deep!  

What do I hold onto that keeps me coming back for more and never giving up on these women??  Knowing that once they DO find it...their life will be forever changed!
And if I change one life at a time, then I'm doing what I set out to do and strive to do every day!
I see it LONG before they see it in themselves but getting them there to that ah ha moment?  There's nothing quite like it!  It's worth every time they give up or stop trying because I know even after quitting a million times, all it takes it ONE time to be successful!  

A lady spoke honestly with me yesterday about how she's put herself last lately.  Life is hectic, children and a husband, full time job and her health has slowly declined because of "life" getting in the way.  I wouldn't dare tell her to "find a way" because honestly, priorities come a dime a dozen and we all feel pulled in a zillion directions so for me to tell her to suck it up would be wrong...what I did do was tell her how she'd feel even if she'd dedicate 20 min to a walk around in a's movement!  It's freeing the mind, getting the blood pumping and one, small change can lead to giant successes later on so baby steps is always okay! I told her to carry around her tennis shoes at work and if she gets 10 min of free time, lace them up and walk around the building...hey, it's better than nothing!  It ALL counts!!!  
But aside from her hectic schedule, the part I found most heart breaking was that she said, "I feel like I'm in someone else's body and it's hard to be comfortable with all this..."
It silenced me.
It is never okay for us to physically paralyzed in our own skin.  It is not okay to feel so helpless that we forget what feeling good felt like.  It is not okay to want change almost enough to make it a priority but never get there...

This woman, among all of the others I work with, changed me. 

It's so much bigger than wanting change, it takes finding that balance within ourselves.  It takes getting fed up with feeling like a stranger in your body and mind.  There's no greater priority than feeling good and breathing in LIFE.  Nothing better than spending time with your family, smiling, laughing and doing things together.  Sitting back and watching is NOT experiencing all that life can offer...
I think to get that feeling, I'd do just about anything wouldn't you?
But I'd never tell anyone how to live their life but I can share what living BOTH ways felt like and why I would never go back because I've experienced what healthy FEELS like.  
Sadly I know what unhealthy felt like and it was a death sentence...a slow one.    

She made me see that THIS problem we face as women to find a way to be healthy and make it all work is HARD and I've known this but how do we change it???

 My little blog and my community workouts 
can't bring BIG change unless we each want it, crave it and work for it!  
I'm not YOU, I'm not her...we shouldn't want to be like anyone but ourselves but because of our different lives, we must learn to achieve balance on our own.  
It's SO hard for me to not just hand it out like free business cards and immediately it ALL CLICKS, but I'm only human...and if I could, I would...
But what I can do is be there when they are ready and to me that's better than nothing!

I spread my love for health and fitness to all who will listen and I pray that one day, ALL WILL LISTEN AND TRY...and SUCCEED!!!  
It's a big dream but why not dream BIG??! 

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