Monday, July 13, 2015

2 week challenge

I challenge YOU!

Give yourself two weeks to make a change that will last a lifetime!

It can be BIG or SMALL but always make it COUNT!

Get moving and eat right!

Fuel your body properly and get that metabolism going throughout your smart by snacking every few hours on some healthy options!  Here's 55 ideas to get you through your day!  Keep it simple but make sure you add variety because your body doesn't want repetition in workouts or with the foods you eat!  Change it up!  

Wanna step it up even more?

Weigh yourself TODAY, write it down and set a goal!  

Being healthy is NOT about a number but it's a great way to see change.  If you have someone that can take your measurements, inches lost always motivate me to keep pushing forward!  WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU EAT, WHEN YOU EAT IT 

Lets hold one another accountable and make these two weeks COUNT!  
Get your family involved...they will enjoy it as well!

It's about being HEALTHY, feeling GOOD and making changes ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!
This is YOUR time for change...your time to feel how you've wanted to feel for a long time...

At my heaviest and unhealthiest I would've given anything for something like this...something to keep me motivated and accountable!  Here I am and I'm here to help throughout your journey...ask away!!!!  Be sure to "like" me on Facebook:

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