Tuesday, August 11, 2015

staying true to YOU!

At the start of this journey, the reason THIS time was different for me was because I was FINALLY doing this for the right reasons...

With all the failed attempts of the past, my desire to be "skinny" was based on just that...to be skinny.  To fit it and look like the other girls.  To go shopping for clothes at a regular store.  To wear a dress that was fitted or to strut my stuff in a bathing suit.
What's wrong with those goals?
They weren't for me. 
It was superficial.  It was based about what I thought healthy "looked like" when really I didn't care about being healthy, I cared about being skinny or not being fat.  

That was the WRONG attitude completely.  No wonder I'd last a few days or months and then self-sabotage myself to a deeper state than I was when the journey began...and history would repeat itself over and over again, until I took a good look at my life.  I wasn't staying true to me, I was conforming to others.  What THEY perceive as healthy.  

THIS time it was about me.  
It's about a feeling I get every day!

THIS time I have different goals, different intentions and now I know what it means to be HEALTHY and I want nothing else!  Healthy feels GOOD.  It feels fearless and strong!  

This beautiful photo was taken post-workout today by some new neighbors! Look at us...they are all so beautiful and the children?  They secretly LOVE these photo sessions...trust me!  Ha!
I posted this picture to my, The Move It Momma Facebook page with the caption:

"Love the way we feel when it's finished.  So accomplished, vibrant and full of life!  We must focus on what healthy FEELS like" Feeling good should be a priority!  If we don't FEEL good then we aren't living life the way we should be. 
 It's NEVER TOO LATE to find it or get that feeling back!  

BOOM!  That's it!  Sometimes I just type what I'm feeling but don't really let it sink in...but when I do, I realize I might be onto something!

When our body or mind isn't healthy, it reflects on everything that we do or don't do. 
 It affects the kind of parent, wife, friend or family member we are.  Feeling unhealthy can create bitterness toward the people we love most.  It can create distrust or frustrations with those that seem to have it "all figured out" because we find ourselves jealous that they get it but we don't.  We may attack those that want to help but are unsure how to do so without hurting us.  It interferes with goals we want to accomplish or good intentions that we have but never fulfill.  It creates a wall between the person we want to be and who we are...making it far more difficult to get there...yet, not impossible!  It is ALWAYS possible.  

Living your life full of excuses or "could have, would have, should have's" gets us nowhere fast.

Think about how you can reach your goals, while staying true to YOU and focusing on feeling good and healthy!  It will change your life...it changes mine as each day passes and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!  

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