Monday, August 17, 2015


Remember what THEY see...

Are they seeing you fight hard to be the healthiest Mom you can be?
Are they seeing you make excuse after excuse for WHY you aren't as healthy as you used to be? 

We all have struggles and obstacles but there's NO EXCUSE for not taking care of ourselves. We take care of our families, but somewhere we fall short and stop taking care of us...

When your children ask you to chase them around at the park or ride bikes right beside them, your answer should be YES! 
When your child asks to grab a soda from the fridge because they just watched you do the same, guess you better say yes??  Hmmm, something to think about...

It sure wouldn't be right to preach it and teach it yet not follow those same rules ourselves, would it?
Feeling good and being healthy should be a family affair...all together and nobody left out!  Even those picky eaters, they need to find new foods, learn what it means to be healthy because when they DO finally understand it as they grow older, they'll be armed with the knowledge to hopefully make healthier decisions as their taste buds change with your help!  

Those couch-lovin', game-lovin' kids?  Yea don't leave them out either...
Find what THEY enjoy doing that's active!  It may be different than the rest of the family but I'm positive there's something that will get them excited about MOVEMENT and HEALTH!  
Don't be afraid to TRY!

They learn from us...what do you plan to teach them?
Certainly we want them to be strong, respectful, smart, independent, well-mannered 
and HEALTHY, don't we??  

Together, lets set the best example that we can!!
Our children should know what it's like to FEEL GOOD! 
As school is fast approaching, remind yourselves of this each and every day...
Talk to their PE teachers and get involved as much as possible!  Ask about recess at their school- you might find out that it's shorter than you thought...and PE classes can be crowded and it's tough to get in enough physical activity each day.  Get them in sports, riding their bike, walk your neighborhood together!  GET MOVING and BE THE EXAMPLE!!!

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