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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Fever details and PRIZES...

Spring Fever is HERE!  Have you signed up?  A virtual race is always great because it's not intimidating, you go at your speed, at your favorite location and you choose 10k or 5k run or walk!  doesn't get much better than that...oh wait, I take that back-YES IT DOES, because don't you like free stuff?

If you wanna win some freebies and get a great workout too, why not sign up?  

...here's a sneak peak at some of the great prizes up for grabs!

Healthy Steps, Juicer Pro naturally flavors food and drinks with fresh citrus juices!

 Healthy Steps Portion Control Nut Bowl, measures 1-2 servings helping to maintain healthy snacking!

What about some headbands and running belts from Hippie Runner?
 here's what their running belt looks like all geared up for a great workout!  I used this belt on my 10k last weekend and it held my keys, ID and money so that's just another perk to this great belt!

...some great bands from BondiBand?

BodyGlide has some great products from Women and Men like this WarmFX that helps relieve minor muscle aches and pain...
 ...or their anti-blister and chafing stick!

...and this shirt says it all!  CafePress has a great line of performance tees and this is one of their designs!
Pretty cute huh?

As you can see, this race will be fun and packed with goodies and if you haven't received your race BIB, just wait until you see those...pretty festive and cute if ya ask me!
Mandatory RACE entry: email me and tell me that you'd like to sign up and specify race! After you complete race, email me with time/name and you'll be entered to win!
Extra Entries: 
Blog, FB or Tweet about the race (1 entry for each)
Take a picture of yourself on race day with your BIB -be creative! (1 entry)

The heat has turned up here in Texas with temps in the 80's the past few days. 
Today's workout was a 40 minute run followed by a 20 minute core workout!  I was drenched by the end of it...ewww!  
I am dreading summer attire and it's obviously coming here to Texas sooner than I thought!  
I don't know why but I am not feeling confident with my weight loss.  
I feel like I have the tools for success, my goodness it's what I studied in college, HOWEVER the science behind it all isn't working for me right now and that makes me sad.  
I put my diet in check, been taking Advocare, loving the way it's making me feel and giving me that energy I'd been searching for 
BUT I need a change in my workouts?  
Or I need to focus more time on long runs?  
See, I'm not even sure what I need and that's the worst part.  I usually have the answers, but find myself at a loss with this one.  
I know I'm not in desperate need to lose weight and I consider myself active and fit BUT there is MUCH room for improvement, that's for sure!  I'll keep you all posted on my journey and hopefully my body will catch up to my diet and exercise regimen soon :-)


Unknown said...

I so hear you. In a year and a hald of going from never working out, to working out 6 days a week, 7-8 hours a week: NO weight loss. I have dropped a pants size, so things have definitely firmed up, but I just can't lose the weight. It's frustrating, and the more I try to calorie count or manage my diet, the worse it seems to get.

Elle said...

I wish it was 80 degrees here!

Looking forward to doing your 5k run this week! And nice prize lineup too, Marissa.

Nadine said...

I want to do your race, but, I'm a bit tired/or simple and I don't think I can find your email address (I have searched around a bit).
Could you email me a race bib?