Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's coming...

The Holidays.
Time for parties, family gatherings and LOTS of...

At this time last year, we were having a photo shoot as we prepared for the Houston Half Marathon as a couple on our 7th anniversary :) 
We look so fancy, don't we?  Ha!  
I remember Justin thinking it was hilarious that we kept running back and forth in the same spot as the photographer snapped our pics!  And he insisted on wearing shades like his Daddy!

So this year, instead of waiting for the...

Let's set our goals sooner!
Pretend that January 1st comes in November!
I know for me, this time of year means to limit those junk food temptations!  
Although cookies and cake mixes line grocery store shelves this time of year and the recipes for delicious appetizers are everywhere we turn, we must practice self-control and discipline!
We have races coming up in December, January and February so hopefully that means we'll get ourselves back on track when it comes to running!  At this time last year, as I've mentioned a thousand times, we were training for the half marathon and in GREAT shape.  

I'd hate to admit that if I were to go for a 13.1 run at this time, I might die.  

Maybe not die, but definitely need emergency assistance :(  sad but true.

How are you preparing for a healthy 2013?


Runner Maybe said...

I am not prepared fro 2013! I have not registerd for one event - I am just trying to get through November!

jillconyers said...

2012 has been so amazing I'm sad to see it coming to an end but I'm excited about the endless possibilities of 2013. Can you tell I've been thinking about my goals for next year? Haha :)

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