Sunday, July 21, 2013


For so many years I was tired of starting over. 

I'd find this great "diet".  
I was ready to start strong on Monday morning and then by Tuesday I felt deprived...I asked "why me?" 
and would fall back into those old, unhealthy habits.  Yuck.  

Ever been there?

Sure we can make excuses for our bad eating habits, for our lack of exercise 
but where does that get us?  

Some tips to help make the "giving up" not an option, try these tips that work for my family and I:

1.  Wake up with determination.   Before you get out of bed, make up your mind that you'll schedule time to prepare or choose healthy meal options, each healthy meal is considered a goal attained :)
2.  Think about and set your daily goals.  Small goals work well here.  Set aside 20 minutes to walk the neighborhood as a family, no late night sugary snacks, drink more water...etc.  Write them down!
3.   Get the whole family on board.  If mom is the only one trying to eat healthy and exercise, chances are you'll feel alone and eventually give in to the family temptation.   
Instead, make getting healthy a family effort.  Encourage more fruits and vegetables at the family table, drink more water and less sugary drinks each day, set up a family evening walk or bike ride and increase the distance each week.  
*Make a chart and set non-food related rewards for healthy behaviors!  
4.  Find people that share similar health and fitness goals.  If you are around family and friends that share similar goals, you'll be encouraged to keep your healthy living goals as a priority instead of constantly falling into old habits.  Positive, like-minded people will help you succeed in your journey. 
5.  NEVER GIVE UP.  If you have the right attitude, nothing will stand in your way.  Choose to be healthy every, single day!  

Understand that the journey is never-ending  as well as life-changing but you will never say, I give up.  You've worked too hard to start over, so keep at it.  
Honestly I tell myself this often to keep on track and focused.  I may complain from time to time, but I wouldn't want to live life any other way.  

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