Thursday, January 23, 2014


I think the most important thing that I've learned on this journey of ups and downs and gains and losses is that we MUST KEEP TRYING.  
Challenges are meant to come our way and I think it's how we deal with those challenges that make us stronger...

If I look back on my life, the hard times and struggles that made me ashamed of my physical appearance, it was an example of allowing challenges to defeat me.  

For me, I always attached my moods and emotions with a food.  It could instantly gratify any obstacle.  And in my mind, it worked.  It would "fix" that issue for the moment then immediately following that defeat, I'd settle back into my guilt of allowing yet another challenge to take control and win. 

Ever felt that way?  Similar?  
It's no way to live and it will become a cycle faster than we can handle.

This journey was meant for me to grow as a person and to eventually help others as I try to do now.  Each step on this road has led me to the place where I now face challenges head on.  I deal with the raw emotion of day to day life and don't eat my way through it...bad analogy but SO TRUE

After our Move It Momma workouts each day we spent time reflecting.  On our challenges as mothers, wives, friends, children and any other role we take on in our lives.  It can be tough and many women carry those same issues as I do and others are facing an entirely different obstacle.  It's nice to know that we're not alone.  Other women struggle just as we do and I think we make it safe to discuss.  
Often times as women we shut the emotion part out of our lives as much as possible.  
Especially with a workout group?  
Are you kidding?  Who talks about personal issues with their workout partners?  WE DO!
And I honestly think it's what keeps us together and reaching goals that we've set.
We need to express our worries, doubts, defeats and challenges...

we can only grow if we know WHY we feel as we do and it's okay to feel crappy some days and other days we can take on the world, isn't it?  YES!


Rice Cake HEAVEN!!!
These are what keep me sane most days!  I gotta have that crunch in all different varieties and these work for me.  They may not be for you and I can't have the bite size rice cakes because I tend to count a few extras in that serving size from time to time :( but these larger ones do the trick time and time again so allow me to share some winning combinations!

Apple Cinnamon Rice Cake topped with 1 tbs Neuftchael cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon!

Caramel Rice Cake topped with 1 tbs whipped Greek cream cheese and fresh raspberries!

And not pictured, 
White Cheddar Rice Cake topped with 1 tbs PB, cinnamon and 1/2 banana
This one hits the salty/sweet like none other!!!  

My Instagram FFCHECKIN post from yesterday really hit home for me, 

Food IS the most abused anxiety drug and was always there for me...very readily available so we must learn to overcome ANY challenge that comes our way.  Yours may not be food, it may be exercise or lack of it, it may be confidence and truly believing in yourself and that you are worth more for your health and the health of your family.
Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant...OH HOW TRUE THIS IS!
A bad day can truly be fixed by one grand workout!  TRUST ME!  I've been there and I've overcome it time and time's amazing what a little sweat, blood flow and heart pumping will do for a bad day!  It's a prescription like NOTHING ELSE!  

Make working out FUN!  The process must be enjoyable so that you crave it daily.  That feeling when the workout is complete and you've pushed hard...use that as fuel to focus on the next day.  It works!  That's a pic of me dancing to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson yesterday during class!  Oh yes, see my Mommas tired and staring at me like I'm from another planet?  We MUST enjoy the physical change, the process, THE WORK!  If we focus on that, there's no stopping us or the places we'll go with our health and fitness.  
Believe in yourself, all that you are capable of and the sky is the limit!

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