Thursday, April 9, 2015

then and now

Our lives were filled with love, joy and happiness...most of the time.
We had two, beautiful boys, a loving marriage and family that cared for us so much.
BUT we also held onto so many bad habits.  Habits that were slowly dragging us down...
We laughed together, loved together but also had very unhealthy relationships with food...together.  I had developed gestational diabetes with both pregnancies, had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and he almost failed his physical due to high blood pressure...the unhealthy habits were already there and we weren't even in our 30's.  
Seemed like we had it all...but without our health, we really had nothing.
We both grew up heavier, always the "bigger" kids.  Although we didn't know each other growing up, our struggles are similar.  For a man it's easier to be overweight.  Girls are immediately judged by their looks, their weight, their hair...everything! 
Boys that are BIG are tough and ready to play football, right?!  Not girls.
That didn't matter anymore.  We had to take charge.  We weren't alone anymore, we were raising two boys that watched EVERY thing that we did and what were we showing them?  BAD behaviors so they would struggle as we did?  It had to stop.   

We have changed everything about the way that we lived, the way that we raise our family has changed as well.  We focus on healthy living all around!  It's important to stress balance for all of us, not just the adults or the kids...ALL of us.  We nourish our bodies properly most of the time, but we are also human and like not-so-great for you things as well and we've learned that it's okay in moderation.  Indulging is something we try not to practice often :)  
We talk about how we feel when we exercise and eat right.  We never focus on "weight" or "fat or skinny", it's about being healthy for us.  All of us.  We feel good when we run or go for a bike ride and it feels good to prepare a healthy meal together, so we do it often!
Our lives get busy, but we try our best and that's all that we can ask for.

When you feel good, it shows.  It shows in every aspect of your life.
We were ticking time bombs back then and now I'd like to say we've learned from our mistakes and we are trying to plant the seed in our children so they don't have to learn from our mistakes too.  Our hope is that families all over the world will find what FEELS good and work from there.  Maybe food comes easier for you so start there.  Or maybe it's being active, so try something new together.  When you find both, the magic begins to unfold and your lives will change before your eyes!  It feels amazing!  Don't let go of the feeling that it CAN happen for you.  Often times we settle with how things are because we can't picture things differently.  Never stop dreaming of a better, healthier life...once the dream fades, it's tough to find it again.  Hold on tight because your children are WATCHING.  LEARNING.  GROWING.  We are their guide through life so live yours the right way.  

If we would be living the way we used to...overeating, smoking, sedentary, where would we be now?  Scary to think about it so I'll choose to move forward and think about how far we've come.  I will devote myself to helping others feel and do the same.  Our children are our future.  They are a reflection of us and our parenting.  If they see Mom and Dad not taking care of their bodies, they'll learn to do the same and if you've lived unhealthy, I'd hope you wouldn't wish that life upon anyone...I never would.  It was a dark, miserable place full of doubt, guilt and depression.  I never want my kids to feel sorry for themselves but instead I want them to feel like the sky is the limit, no dream or goal too big!  If they want something bad enough, they will fight for it and not expect others to do that for them.  Life isn't easy and it shouldn't be.  The rough and tough stuff is what makes you strong and builds character!  
Lets show them the way TOGETHER!!!!  

Is there proof?
My boys ran this morning before school with the running club that I help coach.  My oldest refused to stop until he hit 4 miles.  He did it and then KEPT GOING!  Yes, my 8 year old ran over 4 miles BEFORE SCHOOL!  I had tears in my eyes because he kept saying he didn't want to stop, he wanted to keep going because he felt good!  WOW.  Looking back that would have NEVER been me, but luckily we have been that role model for him and he's taking it and "running with it" and that makes me the happiest parent in the world!  My 5 year old ran 2.5 miles and that makes me pretty darn happy too :) 
What will your children learn from YOU?? 

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Kiley said...

Holy cow, you guys look awesome. I love 'then & now' posts!! And that is cool your son loves 8 years old! I can't wait for my kids to start :)

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