Monday, March 30, 2015

What "they" say...

Have "they" said anything to YOU?!
Many won't stop doubting until you are right back "safe" with that comfort zone where you just survive, day to day without that fire deep within! "They" are unhappy or uncomfortable in their own skin most of the time, others truly believe that we shouldn't push ourselves...
that we should do mediocre because it's safe and easy there but...
I've lived BOTH.  I choose HEALTHY!

I've heard many times, "You workout too much." or "It's not healthy to run marathons and half marathons, it's dangerous", "You are pushing too hard, you should back off or you'll get hurt." and these words have been said to me and/or to people that I help.

Ask yourself, 
Are they worried about what YOU DO or what they WON'T? 

Exercise is GOOD for the body. Period.
Movement is good for the body AND mind.  Our mental health is important as well.
How hard you push is up to you. 
Pushing limits is what makes the body feel alive.  
Your mind becomes clear and you FEEL GOOD.
Quality of life is determined by your physical and mental health and it's a known FACT that exercise and weight training (when done properly) are what the body needs.  Our bodies need healthy foods, not crap that was processed in a factory 8 months ago and will last in your pantry for 2 years...right?!  RIGHT! 

My body chooses to feel alive, strong and unstoppable and nothing frustrates me more than the phrase,
 "You are pushing too hard, you need to take a break."...WHAT?!

You must not know me because I took a "break", a long "break" that gave me health issues that thankfully I've reversed through my work that you call "pushing too hard".  
I was pre-diabetic, had gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obese, smoker, anxiety, IBS and other health-related issues.  IS THAT HEALTHY??

We must keep in mind that these doubters are simply fuel to my fire...
and they should light yours too :) 

Will you let what they say dictate your future? I won't.
I've been told after EVERY half marathon I complete,
"Are you finally finished running 13.1 miles? Haven't you done that enough?"
Uh actually I'm just getting started!!  I have MANY more obstacles and goals to reach in my's a long ride with ups and downs so hope you can hang on tightly!!

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