Tuesday, March 10, 2015


As we focus on our spring/summer goals...

It's always easier to stay the same.  Keep coasting through your life, not completely happy but getting by...enjoying life's little moments but something inside tells you, 
things could be SO MUCH better.  Right?
I fought that person within for too many years.  
I see women around me fighting with the person they want to be.  
so What stops us?

Fear?  Difficulty? Failure?

If we hide behind the change that we want, never actually seeking it or working toward it, then we have allowed valuable time to pass us by.  To be trapped by our body's inabilities breaks my heart.  Children, teenagers, adults...all of us.  We are capable IF we give ourselves a fighting chance but stopping at a road block when things aren't "perfect" is only admitting that you have failed.  You have given up, thrown in the towel and you're ready to go back to that same cycle of defeat, depression and failure that you know so well.  Why?  Because it's easy?  Because it's too HARD to fight for something that we want?  
The HARD is what I have grown to love and appreciate.
I get a sense of strength each time I throw on my workout clothes and go for a run or put my ladies through an intense workout.  I feel strong when I make healthy and balanced food choices for myself and for my family.  It gives me the feelings that food never could.  It fills me up with joy to know how strong I have become and how healthy I feel on the inside, makes me feel proud.  Proud that I didn't allow my "obstacles" to stop me.  That I stopped giving up on ME.  That feels incredible, especially when I lived so much of my life giving up on myself EVERY DAY.  What an awful way to feel.  Of course, I get frustrated with the work, the HARD work but I feel good.  Nothing can take that away from me, ever! The way I felt when I ate crappy foods, drank soft drinks and had no stopping point...it was awful.  I was tired, depressed, my body would ache and I felt sorry for myself and I can't even tell you why?  It was like, poor pitiful me...let me keep eating, not exercising and lets see how bad it can get?  It can't get much worse, this is the bottom right?  Ugh.  Why play that game with yourself?  
It's not LIVING, it's slowly dying inside.  

When we seek change, we can't look to a pill, program or "lose 30lbs in two weeks by drinking this shake"...it's UNREAL.  
And if it sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time, it isn't true.  
It's giving false hope and I HATE that about the fitness and health industry and it's my job to change all of that.  

I want to disclose up front-it is HARD, it'll test your limits and make you feel vulnerable, there will be days where you want to quit, you will feel better and stronger as time goes on and the way healthy FEELS is a feeling that cannot be replaced or described, it must be FELT!!! 

I've learned that the hard way, after crashing on EVERY "diet" I ever started...all of them.
Putting in the work every day makes me feel STRONG 
so don't wait for the perfect time to change...do it NOW!  

Time passes us by either way...how will you choose to live?!  

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