Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Do you feel GOOD?

My mom has been dealing with some health issues lately and as we go to doctors appointments to get answers, I find myself discouraged with "THE WAY THINGS ARE" once again.

I'll start by saying 3/4th's of my life I did NOT feel good. At all.
I ate terribly, was always tired, cranky, bloated, achy...THAT was all I knew.
That was MY fault, nobody else. 
I didn't exercise, I didn't eat right and I suffered consequences from that.

You know I saw a science project the other day that I re-posted to my Facebook page, The Move It Momma and was so disturbed by its findings.  It was DQ, McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic and Whataburger hamburgers being tested to see how quickly they would mold by sitting out on a counter, in its original bag/wrap.  It was 38 days in and NONE of the bread or the patties MOLDED...NONE!  They were placed next to a homemade, lean beef burger and it molded within 2 days!!!!!  How scary is that?  So if sitting out on a counter can't break it down, what do we think these things are doing inside our bodies????!  I cringe knowing that I voluntarily put this into my body AT LEAST once a day, if not more!!!  SCARY.
Who's fault?  MINE.
One of the many reasons I dealt with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as had a sick gallbladder because it could not process all of that CRAP.  And yes, that's exactly what it is.  Saddest part?  I ENJOYED EATING IT.  EVERY BITE.  That bothers me so much.
My body craved THAT food.  The food that caused my body such harm, my mind wanted it and wanted so much of it that I'd only stop when I was physically sick.  
THAT was my feeling good.  I didn't know any better.

Back to my rant, 

3/4th's of my life I DIDN'T FEEL GOOD.
My mom is having intestinal issues but she exercises and eats right most of the time.
She's otherwise a healthy woman and takes good care of herself.  
So her frustration comes from the question, "Why do I feel so bad?"
I explained...
I believe she knows what feeling good feels like so the small amount of time that she feels bad, 
it shows...she feels it.  

The difference is that MANY people do not know what feeling GOOD feels like at all.
Wouldn't you agree?

I'm certain I NEVER knew what it felt like until I changed it, stopped filling it with crap and exercising to get the blood pumping and my muscles working!!!  

Now that I'm in tune with feeling GOOD, I sure know what its like to feel BAD.  Others sadly, may not know the difference.  They may wake up each morning thinking THIS is how it will be forever...
It gets better, it can be better if we appreciate our bodies enough and work hard to feel it!!  

Think about you know what feeling good feels like???  Be honest with yourself.  
If not, then your body is having to work overtime, 24/7 to TRY and feel that feeling but sadly, it's a battle it can't win with you stacking the chips against it...literally!  

I can't be with these women ALL DAY LONG but for this hour I can focus on helping them feel GOOD.
If they leave me and make poor choices that feeling GOOD will be VERY temporary but at least their body gets a small sense of what it's like to feel that way.  

Exercise gives our body a little vacation from having to work SO hard.  How great is that?

Want to know what's even BETTER??

When they leave me and they continue to feel GOOD by fueling their body properly and by helping their families do the same!  Ahhhh what a wonderful world!

It's that PERFECT world I dream about at night.  No more, "I feel like crap EVERY DAY"...
We know what it's like to push hard, work hard and be busy going 90 miles an hour throughout the day...we get TIRED. Don't we?

How do we think the body feels when we stack the weight of the world on it and say, 
"Okay, work your magic"...It was NOT designed to do that!!!

It was designed to be used NOT abused and sadly, I abused my body for YEARS 
and it let me see that through never feeling GOOD.  It showed me by getting sick often, feeling achy and tired, feeling lazy and depressed...IT was trying to teach me but I wouldn't listen.

What is your body telling YOU???  

Let's make it a goal to all FEEL GOOD, day after day, week after week...and while we'll have bad days too, we can focus on knowing we'll feel good again SOON!  
It's never too late to show your body the appreciation it deserves!!!!  

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