Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"No exercise?"

When I worked in cardiac rehab, I was always so amazed by the responses of the heart patients that had just had heart surgery from heart attack or blockage...when I'd ask them "what was your daily routine before this happened?"

#1 answer : NO exercise
Then, my first year of teaching, I taught P.E. so I thought I was in that school to motivate the children to lead healthy lifestyles, but I was wrong. It was the teachers that needed the help! I was MORE than happy to do so since I have struggled with weight my ENTIRE life, you see this was why I went to help others who needed that extra push in the right direction...
You see, as a college student, my weight had gotten out of control, I was NOT exercising, I was NOT eating healthy and probably drinking too many adult beverages as well. I met a few (in shape, fit) people that lived in my apartments, I started asking questions about what they ate each day, what type of exercise and then one day, they talked me into going to the gym(now I was terrified of the gym being the weight I was), but I went! I cannot explain what happened after was like all of the years I had struggled with weight, I had found something that I LOVED more than food...the release it gave me, the confidence I had, the new feeling of LIFE I was was amazing! I owe those college friends so much! So, I lost 78lbs in four months and NEVER gained it all back..and this was over 10years ago! This then motivated me to change my college major from journalism to health and exercise physiology...I LOVED IT! I started working at a local gym, teaching aerobics, personal training and sharing my story to help motivate others....what a great feeling it is to help others that are struggling just as you once did, it's a feeling like NO other!
...and so back to the teachers at my school needing help! I came up with a weight loss plan for our school and it WORKED! See, these teachers said after school they liked to "snack" and then were tired and could not find the energy to exercise. So, my fix...I started teaching an after school aerobic class(where ALL of the teachers felt comfortable) and I'd meet with the teachers about their eating and we'd decide where they needed help. I sent out weekly recipes and by the end of my first year teaching, I had helped our school lose over 700lbs! Do you want to know the BESt part??! Our school was full of junk food, snacks, vending machines and by the end, I had ALL of the teachers exercising at least 4 times a week, eating a MUCH healthier diet, we got rid of the teachers lounge VENDING MACHINES, and our administrators started serving healthier options for parties and such!
Now, you're probably wondering why I shared this LOOONNNGGG story?
It's because
we all have the motivation to do GREAT things,
we just have to find it in ourselves.
Being a mother, we tend to focus on everyone before us, but if we're not healthy for our children, how can we really be there for them?
If your answer to the question, "What is your daily routine?" would be, "no exercise!", then its time to give it a try...try something new and different, do it WITH your family, find others to help take the journey with always, I am here for ANYONE that needs suggestions on how to get started, to get motivated...after all, this is why I started this blog in the first place!


Tricia said...

Great post! I never exercised, but had a very high metabolism, so was never overweight, until after the kiddos came along. Even now I'm at the 'ideal' weight, but have that pooch that just won't budge...I was very encouraged by your story! Thinking about what I want to do when the kiddos are school age - maybe I'll have to explore the fitness area!

Cassiopeia said...

Great story Marissa! It's amazing the weight you and your husband lost as well as the teachers.

It is so inspiring, I know that I'll be asking questions. . . many questions.

The great thing about living in an urban area now is that we can walk everywhere. We walked to a restobar for dinner last night where I had a fantastic salad.

So, oh buddy oh pal, what do you recommend for breakfast? I have PCOS which requires a high protein diet and diabetes which means I have to watch my sugar. Would you consider writing a guest post or maybe even a weekly post on my blog?

Christine said...

I think your blog has a great purpose, thanks for sharing your expertise and experiences.

Mommy2Four said...

I left you a comment on your other blog.... GREAT story! I've lost 100 pounds over the last year, mostly by changing my diet (which...ehem.... needed a LOT of changing!)

I'm adding more exercise in now. It was really really hard when my daughter was undergoing care multiple times a week, but thankfully, things have slowed, the weather's nice, and I'm trying to find things outside of my Wii Fit to get in shape! (Wii Fit was a GODSEND though during my daughter's first year of life..... she had two major surgeries, and five months of presurgical molding where we pretty much couldn't leave the house much. ) Right now I'm training with my oldest and his boyscout troop for a 50 mile bike ride this fall! We're up to riding 15 miles, so we're getting there!

Really glad I found your blog!

M.O.T.B said...

Help!!!!!!!! I love junk and do not exercise, I wish you were here to help. I still have 10 lbs of my second baby weight and I have never had a problem losing by simply not eating. Of course this isn't working the older I get.

Take It From Me Girls said...

GREAT BLOG! Definitely need this!!!

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Kristin & Jaime
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Terry said...

I am following you from Follow Me Chickadee. Would appreciate it if you could stop over and follow me back. Terry
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FrugalMom said...

What an inspiring story! I walk everywhere with my three sons, and while people look at me strangely when I say we walk and only have one car, it really does wonders for us and our asthma..we are now medicine free. Today I walked 5.5 miles just by walking to, from and in between schools, and it feels so good.

Thank you for participating in the The Wednesday Window @ Frugality Is Free . I hope you will join me again for this week’s Wednesday Window, the 9/1 Wednesday Window opens up tonight at 10 p.m.

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