Monday, November 1, 2010

SNEAKY mac n cheese!

TOTALLY kid-approved!
*our 18month old is SUPER picky ,
so after being sick and tired of feeding him mac n cheese
that required piling some
powdery-cheesy processed
substance ...
I thought, there MUST be a better way!
You'll Need:
Wacky Mac noodles or any tri-colored pasta
(I'd prefer using whole wheat noodles, but my picky eater wont touch 'em!)
2tbs flaxseed meal
1 slice 2% american cheese
2 slices 2% colby jack cheese
1 tbs tub margarine
splash of skim milk
Boil noodles as directed, once cooked, drain and add above ingredients,
the milk will help keep it creamy once flaxseed is added!
That's ALL! ENJOY! Your kids sure will!
My boys ask for this almost every night...seriously!
This is not rocket science,
but it sure beats cheese powder,
full fat butter and noodles, huh?
It helps when you find a super cute,
soccer ball bowl like the one pictured above :)


cooperl788 said...

That looks great! We sometimes add pureed veggies to Georgia's mac and cheese, since the cheese pretty much hides all the veggie taste, and the puree adds a creamy texture to the sauce.

Katie @ This Chick Cooks said...

Sounds yummy. Once when I tried to make homemade mac n cheese my little boy didn't like it. I couldn't believe he preferred the mystery cheese powder. I may have to give your recipe a shot.

TV's Take said...

flaxseed meal, never would have thought of it. I love flax seeds and used to put it in my yogurt. Thanks for sharing and stopping by today. Sorry to hear about your gma. I lost mine last week, she was 90 and lived a full life, but it's sad to see your own Mom say goodbye to her Mom.

ace and friends co. said...

love sneaking in flaxseed! your newest blog hop follower. happy wednesday! would *love* a follow back. you can find me at:

swing on by and enter some FUN giveaways!

SalemMomma said...

I love mac n cheese, so yummy.
Happy Wednesday! I'm a new follower, hope you can come over for a visit!

Amy said...

I'm following from the blog hop! You can check out my blog at I've got a few wonderful, family-friendly giveaways going on!

Mommy Minded said...

An award for you :)

Meaghan said...

i love your sneaky ways! thanks for stopping by recently. I have been putting the blogs to the side a bit lately. so much to do, so little time.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Thanks for following. I am following back.

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