Monday, October 8, 2012

bathing suit or jeans?

Bathing suits?

I'm not sure which picture belongs on my fridge, but I know it's a toss up between bathing suit season and tight-fitting jeans season!  Ugh, which one motivations me more?...I'm not too sure!  

What about YOU?

The not-so-great news, Thanksgiving and Christmas are slowly creeping up on us 

...and you know what that means?
The holidays are a time of family, friends and lots of FOOD!  Like ridiculous amounts of party food that is usually high in fat and calories and low in protein and fiber :-( so that makes the fall/winter time one where we must stay motivated, push through our workouts and eat healthy as often as possible!  

Yes, that means the occasional splurge is okay but not recommended on a daily basis when trying to lose weight or improve our fitness levels!  

Some steps to help keep us on track throughout the holidays,
  • WORKOUT!  Find a buddy or several buddies to keep you in check when it comes to your workouts.  Stay focused on your fitness goals and this will help keep your workouts happening throughout the week!  Use myfitnesspal or other tracking resources to help.
  • FIND A HEALTHY EATING PLAN! You know there will be parties with lots of temptation so it's important to step up your eating most of the time so that you are able to indulge at a few parties throughout the holiday season!
  • SET GOALS for both of the above!!  Check back often and re-evaluate your eating and exercise, remember change things up so the body doesn't get bored or used to the same foods/workouts.
  • PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN!  Chances are, you aren't getting enough of it so try pairing each meal with protein!  This also helps in limiting the sugary carb snacking...makes ya think before you grab that bag or box of processed snacks each and every time
  • DON'T GET HUNGRY!  Meaning to snack on healthy foods throughout the day, rather than skipping meals and find yourself so hungry that you over eat and indulge at meal time.
  • EAT BEFORE A PARTY!  This way you don't arrive so hungry that you'll eat way too much of the party foods.  Most likely those party foods are going to be loaded with fat, contain little protein and fiber and they'll be poppable which means you'll wanna eat more.  Be prepared before arrival!!
Hold yourself accountable this holiday season.  
Increase your workouts and watch your portions!  This time of year in Texas is great for getting outdoors!  It's getting cooler which means you can take advantage of walking, running, biking, hiking, etc!  
Try adding some healthy options to your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast with family.  Have them try something new and healthy, so that your family can start healthier traditions for the future.  
Don't think that because the holidays are approaching you do not have to continue eating healthy, use it as motivation so when your family sees you for the first time in a while they are impressed, motivated and inspired :)

Try something new this year! Don't save your motivation for January 1st...start RIGHT NOW!!!

What are your thoughts on staying healthy throughout the holidays?


misszippy said...

Great post! It is so easy to get waylayed as the holidays kick in. I find I do ok unless I have a bit too much alcohol, then my eating inhibitions go out the window! So my method is to keep myself in check w/ the alcohol. Not too hard these days b/c just a couple of glasses and I pay all the following day!

jillconyers said...

My thoughts are it's tough but so worth the effort to stay on track during the holiday season.

Samantha said...

I need to start all of these tips like right now! Breastfeeding has made me crazy hungry and dont always go straight for the healthy stuff. Planning ahead is key in holiday survival too!!
Thanks for all the awesome tips!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I'm vowing to be strong this holiday season, it helps that I'm signed up for four half marathons. :) That was wise on my part don't you think? LOL. That lady has an amazing body...not sure I'd hang it on the fridge for my husband to see every day. ;)You're recipe sounds yum.

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