Tuesday, October 28, 2014

grow and learn

As a child, I lived life FAR differently than I do now.  Because I chose to learn and grow from my past.  
My son's school has a yearly 5K and fun run so this year my oldest decided to take on the 5K rather than the 1K.  I was assistng at the finish line and was a bit terrified of him running three miles WITHOUT me.  But sure enough, 32 minutes after it started, he crossed that finish line with a smile on his face!!
As a child, I would never have had the desire, endurance or confidence to take on a 3 mile race...run or WALK.  
I hated it. Hated everything about exercise. Sad but true. Hated the failure I had set myself up for before beginning.  I hated sweating, hating feeling exhausted and had most of the time eaten too much with each sitting to be able to move that much without feeling sick.  Ugh...
NOT ANYMORE. My children are a reflection of that...
It's because I changed. I changed my way of thinking and with that, it changed my entire life! 
I now use my life as a chance to do better, be better and to teach them better.  To teach my children, family and friends. I decided to learn and grown...and to help change the lives around me.  And while most days are not easy, but instead are struggles for me, I push through because I know what that other life looked and felt like...

If we don't use life's experiences to grow then we allowed a great lesson in life to pass us by.  We risk the chance of sharing our struggles, the ones that can be prevented, with the people that we love most.  WHY NOT learn, grow and help them not make the same mistakes we made in our past? 

I have many moments in my life that stand out and are amazing but some are painful.  One that brings me joy was watching him come across that finish line on Saturday.  I held back tears because it's proof that if we grow from mistakes we made in our past, then our families and loved ones gain the benefits! It's true! As I say, they are ALWAYS WATCHING so how will you lead? 

For me, The girl that skipped out of PE to help a teacher in a classsroom, the girl who ate her packed lunch PLUS bought junk food from the snack bar, the girl that made EVERY excuse NOT to sweat, to move or to be healthy...she is raising two, healthy boys and is able to do that from learning from her own experiences.  There is NO greater gift.  I am giving the gift of health and the gift of helping my children feel alive.  How beautiful is that?  

For that reason, I have no regrets because if that wasn't my past, I'd have nothing to fuel me to help change the lives of others....so therefore, it was all worth it.  The good and the bad.  And while I had PLENTY of amazing moments in my life growing up, I will always feel as though my health and weight held me back.  It is thoughts like that which keep me focused on the future and focused on why healthy living is SO important.  

Do you have exeriences that helped you learn and grow?

LETS EAT!!! Mmmmm

Move It Mommma Turkey Meatball Stew:
frozen turkey meatballs or prepare fresh using lean ground turkey, whole wheat breadcrumbs, garlic and egg whites. 1 can diced tomatoes- no sugar added and then fill that can with water and dum in.  1 container low sodium turkey gravy.  Add veggies-I used okra, carrots, broccoli nd then some sliced onion.  Pop in crockpot until veggies become tender.  

I served the kids meatballs with some homemade macaroni and extra broccoli. I served mine and my husband's as a soup!  YUM!

low sodium rice cake, neuftchael cheese and some pumpkin butter...ohhh!!!!  

1/2 NAAN, PB, berries and a few slices of banana sprinkled with cinnamon!  

Breakfast for champions!
whole wheat bagel thin, 1 egg 2 egg whites pan cooked in coconut oil spray,   1 slice Boar's Head low sodium turkey breast and some fresh fruit!   SOOOO yummy!  

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