Monday, October 13, 2014

WDW reflection

Walt Disney World...
what a fantastic place where we find a way to have a great time while making memories with one another that will last a lifetime...nothing quite like it!  Here's just a few pictures...

While it's always an incredible vacation and we seem to have it all figured out, or so we think :)
I couldn't help but look around and feel worried for the health in our country.  
It upset me so much that I had to remember the raw emotions so that I was able to come home and post about reflect on what I witnessed while there.
Of course I DO NOT JUDGE.  I was there, I struggle day to day to keep myself in check but do I worry?  Absolutely.  I can't help but feel compassion and to immediately want to help BUT HOW?

As we walked from park to park, enjoying rides and shows I was troubled by the amount of motorized scooters seen throughout the parks.  They were EVERYWHERE.  
Not from broken bones or handicaps but from obesity.  Yes.  
One family really struck a cord with me and I can't seem to remove them from my mind.  They were waiting in line, parents both in scooters-mid-40's and obese.  Their children were probably 10-14 years old, two daughters.  They passed around a Krispy Kreme box FULL of donuts and shared them while waiting in line.  Meaning they ate the entire box as a family.  
Do I judge that family?  Absolutely not.  Will some families?  Yes but that's not the issue here.  The trouble I have with this is that the children were already obese, parents are both incapable of walking throughout the park, yet they all choose to "nourish" their bodies with junk.
Now I made sure to think about this situation and would it be different if it were a family that was not physically overweight consuming donuts in the park? For me, NO...I'd feel the exact same way because our insides determine our health.  Our heart, our arteries, bones and muscles...NOT our physical appearance. Will obesity decrease our health?  Yes but it does not mean that over a dozen donuts for a family of four is okay...that is NEVER okay.  
Will people pass judgement differently on a non-overweight family?  Probably.  
And that is SAD to me as well.  

We should focus on feeling healthy, nourishing our bodies with GOOD FOR YOU, NUTRITIOUS FOODS and we should focus on doing the same for the people that we love most.  Not just ourselves, but everyone around us.  We should make an effort to impact as many lives as possible!  EVERY DAY!
And I guess what hurts SO much is that no matter how badly I wanted to help that family, I couldn't.  No matter how badly I want to help people that I love-family, friends...everyone.  
I can't unless they truly WANT IT.  It is something I cannot accept and I struggle with it daily.
I WANT TO HELP EVERYONE.  I feel like I can care a million times over but if they don't want it, I can't help.  THAT makes it unbearable.  I've been there, in that place of helplessness and fear and I wouldn't wish it on ANYONE.  EVER. 

  When will it end?  When will enough be enough?  These parents clearly are feeling the side effects that come with obesity, yet they are allowing their children to follow in their footsteps.  Ugh.  It breaks my heart for those teen girls.  
Had they all just given up, lost hope and just decided THIS was their life and they'd live modifying life's special moments and medicating through food?  

I'm not perfect, never will be and am learning as the days go by.  But I do know living life overweight is NOT fun.  Not one day of it is fun.  The waking up, getting dressed, struggling to catch my breath while climbing stairs, consuming food to temporarily coat my own frustrations, feeling the "looks and glares", the shopping, the house chores, the getting in and out of my car...
it was ALL WORK.  It was exhausting to simply BE ME. 
How sad is that?
Sad for anyone but extremely sad for a child.  A child who did not ask for 6 donuts for breakfast but ate them because it was the "choice" that day.  I cry as I type this because how do we "fix" it?  How can we make it better and educate families to better care for themselves and their children?

I'm at a loss for words and that RARELY happens...thoughts? 


Kimert E said...

As a parent who has been there, done that in the weight department.. meaning I was fat (or obese) and struggled with making good decisions for myself. I always made sure though for my kids that we made healthy choices and even more so they older they get. Here is my struggle... dh and I are both marathoners, we eat healthy but our daughter is overweight. Do I get pre-judged by others when we are out and she's eating a burger/fries, cookies, etc?? Maybe BUT at the end of the day I am trying hard to make good choices for her and show her how to make good choices for herself because I DON'T want her to follow in my (previous) footsteps and ever be an overweight adult. It's hard. Finding balance as an adult is hard too. I agree with you that it is sad and that kids don't ask for that lifestyle. I also know how it feels to be out and just want to shake someone and say, "Let me help you fix this!!"

Kelly Sebelius said...

I know you struggle with not being able to help everyone, but you help those who are ready to help themselves. And that is more than enough. Do not give up hope that society will change, but do not let the responsibility to change it rest squarely on your shoulders. Just keep putting yourself out there and let those who are ready come to you. Thanks for all you do!

jillconyers said...

You have such a beautiful family.

I don't know if you read my post from earlier in Oct, Almost Anorexic, but I wanted to let you know I think of you often. My thoughts go to how much you accomplish and how you maintain such a realistic balance in life and then I think maybe just ask her how she does it.

You inspire so many :)

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