Monday, September 29, 2014

on a "quest" for yummy food ideas?

Then you've come to the right place...

I'll be honest, I'm picky when it comes to healthy foods.  I mean, of course I eat MANY foods that I wouldn't have eaten in the past but if I try something and I don't like it, it's tough for me to give things a second these chips arrived on my doorstep and I have heard how great they taste and with 21 g of protein and 5 carbs, I had to see for myself.  
My husband and I decided to pop open a bag before sharing it with my local workout group...
and we LOVED them!  Keep in mind, he and I are huge chip fans.  We used to take out 3-4 baskets of chips at the local Mexican restaurant on a Friday night :( 
so when we approve, they must be tasty!  
PACKED with 21g of protein per bag, they are available in 
BBQ, Cheddar and Sour Cream and Sea Salt.  

I love the Sea Salt and the Cheddar and Sour Cream, 
but many of my members of Move It Mommas prefer the BBQ!  

The only reason BBQ was my least favorite is that it has a very bold, spicy taste but from their feedback, if you like regular BBQ chips, you'll love these just as much! That's a win-win!!
All of these would taste great with my Greek ranch dip!  I wouldn't recommend eating them daily because our bodies need balance and different foods but for on the go, these are a GREAT snack option.  A healthy alternative to chips...I'm all ears, right?! 

The crunch is what gets me!  GREAT crunch to these chips.  
A huge bonus when trying to find a healthy "chip" which is hard to find until now.  
Some love sweets and candy...not me.  I'm a chip-aholic so while I love these "chips", I will still practice balance and only eat them on occasion.  
These would be great to pack along to a gathering with friends. 
You can snack and munch while everyone else is loading up on high fat/high calorie chips and dips :) Shhhh

See for yourself on their website, including nutrition facts for each flavor:
Regular: $2.99/bag but are on sale for $2.39/bag!  DEAL!
After talking with my boot campers, we think it might be smarter to buy in bulk to save on costs, but less than $20/box isn't too bad of a deal either.  
Plus check your local supplement stores-they should be carrying these Quest Chips SOON!

Excuse the post-workout hair...we worked HARD today which left me eating the rest of our sample bag of Sea Salt Protein Chips!  See, I told ya they were good!  
Have you heard of these?  Would you try them?  

Weekend breakfast tends to be my favorite meal time.  I have time to be creative in the kitchen since there's less rushing around and this past weekend was no different!  I found Lactaid- lactose-free cottage cheese and it's delicious.  I mixed 1/2 c with fresh blueberries and grapes and enjoyed it with a slice of whole wheat toast topped with 2 egg whites that were pan-sauteed with coconut oil spray!  Simple and satisfying!  
FOCUS ON BALANCING YOUR MEALS! Protein, carbohydrate/starch, and fruits

Oatmeal variations!
I just love a yummy bowl of oatmeal to start my day.  It's quick, easy and effortless...but most importantly it fuels you throughout your morning-leaving you fuller, longer!
Always with a sprinkle of cinnamon, of course 

BE CREATIVE with your kids!  I spoke about this last week but it's so true.  If your children see FUN with their healthy foods, they are more likely to enjoy these foods later in life.  It's about moderation so while I did bake some not-so-healthy chocolate chip cookies for them last week we chose to not simply enjoy the cookie by itself and decided to use it as a "topping" to their banana and PB after dinner snack.  They told me it was DELICIOUS which makes me smile.  
Banana slice, 1 tbs PB and some crumbled chocolate chip cookie.  There was 1/3 of a cookie on each banana so very little cookie...just enough!

THIS picture makes me smile...
Not only because that's my son running at his first soccer game but because he's enjoying BEING ACTIVE.  Yes he's 5 and just enjoys "playing" but playing is BEING ACTIVE!  As adults we tend to focus on having to exercise and that being WORK but don't forget that being active can mean ANY type of activity.  BEING ACTIVE IS MOVEMENT!  Smile, play with your kids outside, get involved and HAVE FUN!  Movement is what our heart, muscles and joints crave.  They want to move and feel good.  We can give them that by fueling with the proper nutrition and adding MOVEMENT to our daily routine.  Healthy, happy MOVEMENT!  Not going from the couch to the kitchen or the car to your desk...MOVING at the park or playground, with a workout group, a running club...JUST GET MOVING!  

When I see my boys active AND having fun it makes me smile and feel fulfilled that I've done my job as a mother each day.  I am keeping them active and feeding them nutritious foods while helping them understand how their body works and how to practice balance and portion control.  It is ALWAYS important, no matter our age or size!  



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