Monday, September 22, 2014

don't waste it.

Our time and energy is valuable.  
Don't waste it.
I spent hours in the gym working toward something that never came.  I mean, of course my cardiovascular health was improving and it was getting the blood flowing and heart rate up and was MUCH better than sitting on the couch eating and watching TV BUT it could have been so much more.  I now understand MY BODY.  While what I learned in college and in these past years has taught me so much, I didn't quite understand MY body which caused me to waste valuable time.  

Instead of wasting it, CHOOSE BALANCE.
It's far easier to accomplish your goals when things go hand in hand.  
The body, mind and stomach.  

Sounds silly but the truth is realistically 20% is the hard work that you put into the gym, the workouts and the sweat!  The toughest for some of us are the other hours in the day.  The 80% that is found through our foods that we eat, water that we drink and how we take care of ourselves on the inside.  It's SO powerful and once we find the balance between the two, 
the magic will begin to take place.  
We can make that magic happen together, as a community with the right tools, support and DETERMINATION!  

Yes, YOU have to want it. Nobody can force us to change and if and when they do, the change will NOT's just not possible unless we feel it deep within ourselves.

We are all different.  We hold different triggers, different obstacles and different excuses so let's start by immediately stopping the excuses!  100%.  If we want something badly enough, we will stop at nothing to make it reality.  
We make time to brush our teeth, so why on Earth can't we make time to exercise?  
Identify your triggers and "excuses" and as you write them down, 
cross them out at the same time!
Simply STOP making them and the results will find you soon enough!
If you keep a whole bundle of excuses then you aren't quite ready to change, you obviously enjoy carrying around that baggage for now. 
If you justify those excuses, your mind will start to believe that you truly CANNOT CHANGE and then your heart will follow, along with those unhealthy behaviors and then it effects our quality of life, our family and our children...

This picture was ME, wasting time! 

I was working out 6-7 times a week but never changing...same workouts every week! 
My foods weren't balanced but they could've been MUCH worse so I can't beat myself up over that.
IF our body finds repetition with our diet & our workouts then it gets comfortable-never changing or pushing itself because it EXPECTS what's coming! STOP WASTING TIME and make each calorie consumed good for you and every calorie burned-worth it! The balancing act within YOU will make sense over time. It will become like second nature...and the changing will come and slowly transform your life and your health. You will find that all aspects of your life will improve and you'll FEEL healthy! Ahhhh then you can take a deep breath knowing you stopped wasting away and started grabbing life and living it! Every breath takes on new meaning, we find ourselves nourishing properly and our bodies are now responding through tough workouts that challenge us both physically & mentally! ITS WORTH IT SO SEARCH UNTIL YOU FIND IT WITHIN YOU!!! 


We want a sweet treat, sometimes we opt for frozen yogurt but making a healthy snack as a family can be just as fun!  These are banana slices topped with peanut butter and a chocolate graham cracker.  SO easy and fun to make!  The kids enjoyed stacking the bananas and then eating their creation!  Yum!  Our kids want to be creative and get involved...LET THEM!

Lasagna!  Whew a tough one for me because I'm Italian...what's not to love about pasta, 
cheese and more pasta right?!  
Since I grew up eating 2-3 oversized portions of this stuff, I had to find a way to carry on the Italian tradition without all of the guilt, fat, high calories and UNbalanced action happening with this meal so I did!  

Move It Momma Turkey Lasagna: 
You'll Need:
1lb. 99% lean ground turkey
1lb Jenni-O turkey breakfast sausage
brown rice lasagna noodles-cooked al dente
low fat ricotta OR cottage cheese
low sodium diced tomatoes with juice (3 small cans or 1 large)

Brown meats with onion and garlic( I add LOTS of garlic for added flavor), add tomato with the juices and allow to simmer with a little pepper.  Boil pasta according to directions but usually 5-7 minutes making sure to not over cook the pasta noodles.  Layer small amount meat mixture, small spoonfuls of cheese, as shown above ( a little goes a long way with ricotta) and layer noodles.  Repeat until dish is full!  Bake at 350 until bubbly!  Serve with steamed string beans and watch as your family tells you how incredibly amazing you are :)  

This morning I wasn't feeling oatmeal so I toasted a slice of sprouted whole wheat bread, topped it with Greek cream cheese for added protein and some fresh raspberries!  YUM!  Effortless and delicious!  Followed by a few glasses of water and I was ready for my workouts!  

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