Wednesday, September 24, 2014

find a way...

What are priorities?

Is it laundry? Cleaning? Work? Children? after school activities and sports? 
Watching your favorite TV shows? Having lunch with a friend?


maintaining a healthy weight?  Improving your quality of life? Lowering your blood pressure and/or cholesterol?  Lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease? 
Feeling better and having more energy to take on the world? 

While feeling good and losing weight is a HUGE priority for me and the women that I help, what goes on in the inside is MOST important.  Depression? Clogged arteries? Fluid retention? 
110% my children and husband are a priority in my life 
BUT taking care of my body and my health is a priority as well.  So making my health a priority still puts my kids first but now they'll have a better Mom.  A more active, fun, adventurous Mom.
A mom that FEELS GOOD and will in turn, make my husband, children and the people around me...feel good.  I can't think of a better priority than that, can YOU?

The harsh truth is that we're ALL busy.  Some of us have different forms of BUSY but it is all equally important to each of us.  
We talked after boot camp today, which always gets my brain spinning...
IF we choose to make our health a priority then it just IS.
There's no okay maybe I'll try, it just happens.

If our work schedule is out of control and there aren't enough hours in the day then we should REALLY concentrate on the things we put into our body.  Not fueling on sodas and chocolate but foods that are GOOD FOR US.  Portions that are controlled and foods that give us energy and make us feel good, not the ones that leave us filled with guilt and buttons bulging.  
Then on the days we aren't quite as "busy" then we can get moving...walk with our family, bike ride through our neighborhood or play a game of baseball with our kids.
For those that feel overwhelmed with our crazy schedules, give yourself credit when you can.  If you set a goal to get moving twice a week and drink less soft drinks AND you accomplish that goal each week-CELEBRATE YOU CHOOSING TO MAKE YOUR HEALTH A PRIORITY!!!

If it's laundry or lunch with friends...GREAT!  The laundry WILL happen when needed as will the exercise and eating right.  It will all happen if we make it ALL a priority.  The lunch with friends can happen as well, AFTER taking care of business, being the priority of our health.  
After you've worked out and then grabbed a healthy lunch with friends, 

How can we justify these other "to do's" as a priority but not OUR HEALTH?  
Yea it sounds a little different when I put it that way, doesn't it?

When our priorities change, WE CHANGE!  It's incredible how that happens :) 
And we don't have to take important things away, 
we just have to add our HEALTH to that list of daily to-do's! 
These women have become part of my priority!
My health and their health

To see the smiles on their faces after working hard to accomplish the goal, to hear them proudly say they are fitting into smaller jeans, they are losing pounds and inches, that they like what they see when they look into a mirror, that their husband said they are looking fantastic, their co-workers are inspired by their weight loss and/or leaner appearance, to hear them say they speak about our group to their families and loved ones, to hear them say that they are INSPIRED by our group moves me most of the time to tears

They have obligations, busy schedules, sick children, hurt feet, achy muscles, laundry that must be done, jobs that they must report to daily, kids that they have to cook for, tend to, haul to sporting events...

BUT they have decided to add ANOTHER PRIORITY to their list...

post-workout PARFAIT!
plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 of a crumbled Kashi pumpkin spice flax granola bar 
and some fresh raspberries!
Ohhhh deliciousness!  

My Move It Momma GROOVEBOOK arrived yesterday and it made me smile SO big!
a look back on our first year as the MIM's!
Loved seeing all of these beautiful faces in one book!

If you haven't checked out GROOVEBOOK, you should!
It's $2.99/month for a 100 picture album delivered straight to you with the theme of your choice!
I keep my family memories in neat order this way by grouping them with "Summer 2014" "DisneyWorld 2014", etc!  It's also a great way to have a keepsake of all of your phone photos!  I upload straight from my iPhone and they are ready to go!  I choose the photos I want and BOOM! once a month it is delivered with a groovy, new cover!  There is also a place to tear the photo in case you need a quick family pic on the go! Printed on photo paper so good quality as well!
I'm not plugging GROOVEBOOK for a campaign or a paid advertisement, 
I'm just sharing my love for a great product/deal!

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