Monday, November 24, 2014

how's your mind?

I think as we approach the Holiday's we start to think about the year ahead but also we look at the year that will soon pass...
Did we do all of the things that we set out to accomplish?  Did we stick to that New Year's Resolution?  What will we work toward in 2015? 

I distinctly remember in my past setting out to have "THAT YEAR, the one where everything changed and I never looked back" only to fall short by February.  Been there?
What was wrong and why couldn't I stick to it?
I saw the commercials getting me geared up for discount gym memberships and treadmills on sale, I'd spend hours searching for good, healthy recipes to make...what was wrong?  Why didn't it work?
And it wasn't a failed attempt once or twice, it was EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR...

You see it wasn't about the "want" or the "frustrations with my health or lack of",
My body was ready and able. I had the resources, the money to spend and the time (if I MADE time) but my mind gave out much sooner than all of those other factors.  
I didn't believe in ME so none of these "tools" would stick.
It didn't matter how much I wanted to change or get healthy...I could have cried every day for 3 months but if my mind didn't believe I could do it, it seemed like a where I'd wake up as the same old me but I wanted so much more.  I was doomed to fail time and time again.
Making over my MIND took work and it will take work for the rest of my life.
Some things my mind had to understand:

Life isn't always fair. Some people have to focus on their health EVERY,SINGLE.DAY of their lives
Putting in the work is hard and it probably won't get any easier.
It's a SLOW process. I didn't gain the weight or decrease my health overnight 
so it will come off painfully and slowly.While it's tough, I wouldn't trade it for anything because it has made me who I am today.  I am stronger because of the struggle and I appreciate that.
Our bodies are strong but our minds are too.
Our mind will give out far before our bodies.  We are strong and our bodies are built to work hard so when your mind tells you to quit-then it's time to dig deeper, get inspired and keep going!
I can remember saying "I can't do ____" before trying.  THAT was my mind. You know my body could handle it but my mind didn't believe I could so why try?  WRONG ATTITUDE.

I think SO many people find themselves defeated in their mind so their body just follows.  If we repeat to ourselves that we failed and are worthless, at some point the body will believe it.  
I get excuse after excuse on WHY people can't workout, lose the weight or get healthy...
All I hear is the mind quitting on the body.  NO matter the struggles, we were built to fight. 
 We were built to be strong so why allow our minds to get in the way of that? 

Let your New Years Resolution be to STOP allowing defeat in your life and start fighting back!
SET a goal and reach matter what life throws your way.  
You can use those moments to make you stronger or defeat you...YOU CHOOSE!
Stop making excuses for your health and start making changes.  Excuses become all the same...
It's when you rise about those excuses that you can really make change happen so why wait?
I challenge you to not even wait until 2015, START NOW!  Why do you need some grand start to the New Year to get YOU healthy?  There's only one YOU so work on it today and every day!

Thanksgiving Day swap idea:
MIM Moon Pop Pumpkin "Pie"
whole wheat Moon Pop topped with Pumpkin low fat cream cheese!  Ohhhh it's So good! 

We can all make up a list of excuses, a to-do list a mile long or priorities that rise about exercise and nutrition but what do those excuses do for us?  Make us better?  Nope.  
These kids attended boot camp today because it's Thanksgiving break.  How many excuses can we make, as Mom's when our kids are home from school?  Instead, these ladies brought their kiddos and they worked out with us!  Some of them begged to attend tomorrow!!  YES!  Exposure is key and when they watch you putting your health as a priority, they'll do the same!  PROMISE!  It's a beautiful thing...TRY IT!!!  

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