Wednesday, February 4, 2015

leader of my pack!

Here is MY PACK! and if you're reading're part of the PACK too! Come on!!

Prepare your mind and body.
The journey of a lifetime awaits.
Are you ready?
There will be no perfect situation so you might as well start now!
It's all about making up your mind...the heart and body will follow.
You must take charge and decide once and for all that THIS time will be different!

My pack was all smiles today...They show up each day willing to make their lives better.  They show up when they could have found a million other things to do that day.  They show up when they don't feel great, they didn't get enough sleep or they have a headache. 
 They may not always smile but they always show up.  
But why?
I believe a PACK is made up of encouraging people that choose to fight TOGETHER. 

But why do they show up?
I think they believe in me. And that's hard to grasp. I battled my weight for as long as I remember so how is it that I am their leader?  It seems surreal.  
They choose to walk beside me, hand in hand on this journey.  OUR journey.
Since they have come into my life, I have realized that it is OUR journey. 
 We have separate obstacles but they are a part of me forever.  And YOU are too. 
When I want to give up on myself they are that reminder to keep going.
SO many years of starting something, only to fall short of the finish line.  
Because of them I now see beyond that finish line to the next, and the next and the...
it just keeps going!
We are being featured in a local magazine and today was our official photo shoot!  
My dreams were big but this far exceeds my expectations of what I wanted for this group...
They shared their story with the writer and founder of the magazine.  They put it all out there and it was beautiful to listen to such amazing stories that I have witnessed but it never gets old hearing it from their mouths.  
We are promised a big article in this magazine and they deserve it!  SO PROUD!!! 

To dream big and watch it become reality is such a beautiful thing that I honestly never thought I would experience.  It's been a journey full of ups and downs, an emotional roller coaster filled with success and plenty of defeat.  I kept one thing in the back of my mind and that was to NEVER GIVE UP.  I may have had large bumps in the road, but I never allowed myself to fall deeper into that hole of self-doubt.  
Being able to pick yourself up and believe that you can instead of just wishing you will makes all the difference in the world.  
It's making up your mind to not accept failure in your life from that moment on...
 I'm not sure if it's because I lived in that dark place for a while, I know how it feels and my heart aches for those that feel trapped there or if it's my passion for helping others but both have come together to build a beautiful group known as the Move It Momma's and we have so many more stories to tell.  Don't you worry, 
I will share that article as soon as it is published...I can hardly wait!!!  

I'm proud of what I have achieved and can't wait to see where we'll go from here!  I'm hoping to change the world.  I want to create a movement around the world that creates encouragement rather than intimidation when it comes to our health.  I want women to be able to feel strong, beautiful and inspired when they leave a workout.  I want all women to feel the support of people that want them to be better.  We have enough women ready to knock us down so where's the women that lift us up?  Find them and reach out.  Create an environment that makes them feel beautiful while working on your health, together!  It's not about skinny, fitting into those jeans you've had tucked away in the closet (that'll be a perk but it shouldn't be THE reason), it's about feeling strong, happy and loving ourselves and appreciating all that we are capable of achieving!  We need people that celebrate our victories rather than drag us down!  Remember we need both in order for success to occur because those "haters" tend to push you further just to say, WATCH ME and the ones that "encourage" will be there cheering you all the way to the finish line and BEYOND.  They will pick you up when you fall down and they will be the stepping stones you need to achieve greatness!!!  Let's GO!  

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