Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fear and inspiration

I always believe in being honest with ourselves and those around us. It's how we grow, admit our mistakes and share our successes.  

When we share our struggles and fears, it makes us vulnerable and exposed.

MANY do not choose honesty for fear that someone may see right through them, judge them and then it's too late-there's no turning back.

On this journey I have found that the most rewarding part has been sharing the BAD.  Yea the triumphs and victories are why I do what I do and help others do the same but the bad stuff?  That is what seems to resonate with people so much.

Not how great you're doing but how you felt at your bottom or how you feel when you've had a bad day.  I find that when I share my MESSY stuff, people begin to listen and become inspired.  
When I tell the hard truth, it's almost like I see the emotions of others just fall out.  Their shoulders aren't as heavy and their eyes fill with tears.  SHE UNDERSTANDS.  
We cannot be inspired unless we have that fear lingering in the background.

IMPERFECTIONS make us vulnerable and full of fear, don't they?
What if I fail at losing weight again?  
EVERYONE will judge me and say, Oh she lost the weight a million times guess she's gaining it back again.  
First of all, who is EVERYONE?
Have they stepped out of their comfort zone a day in their life?  Do they know what it's like to run a mile in my running shoes?  NO.
So how can they judge me and bring me fear?

Funny thing is that along with that fear comes the inspiration...THE MAGIC.

It's beautiful to watch it first hand within my group of strong women.  
I witnessed it today and it's THE most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  

With this group we talk A LOT.  Yes we sweat, ache and push hard too but we talk.  We get to the heart of one another and we get to some tough, emotional issues and through that I have found that we find beauty in imperfection once we remove the fear of judgement.  

No judging here.  Encouragement only.
I believe in that and will never let that change...ever.
It's the glue that bonds us forever.  These ladies have beautiful imperfections, fears that have held them back for years, obstacles they felt were too great to fight so they gave in.  They are mom's who put their children first.  They have a common goal to be healthy...simple as that.  

We have a group running a local half marathon in April and one of our members started a page to keep us together, hold us accountable.  She has her own page and shared some struggles she was feeling before class today.  On this journey I see that many play mind games with themselves.   IF the mind wraps around our fears then it is so hard to bounce back.  We let it win and it can manipulate us into thinking we are not capable of happiness, health and success.  Yes it's THAT powerful.  So she felt defeated and she put her fears out there for her fellow Momma's to see.  Then the comments began to pour in...
They had me beautiful.

It taught me something SO valuable.  
Being honest with ourselves and others about things we are afraid of and fear most...
They see that honesty, vulnerability and determination and they want to be part of it.
It begins to spread all around you and all of a sudden you realize that the EVERYONE you feared so much are the ones rallying behind you!  Wow!  The doubters don't steal your sunshine any longer because you have support and it makes you feel whole.  And you'll see the doubters a lot on this journey, look out for them.  They'll give you that added fire you need to conquer more goals than you can imagine.  But the EVERYONE that matters, they'll catch you when you want to fall and instead, help you get back up and fly.  

I know my EVERYONE and I am fully aware of my doubters.  I need them both for success and I am grateful every day that I am able to share my honest struggles and triumphs with all of you...thank you.  It's a tough, emotional journey but as I say a million times, the tough days seem easier when I remember who I used to be...I wouldn't trade the hard days for anything because they represent my strength, my willingness to get back up 
and keep trying day after day.  

Do you have fears holding YOU back??
Address those fears and then "make a brand new ending"

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