Monday, January 12, 2015

is it for YOU?

As you set goals this year and work hard to reach them, make sure it is for the right reasons...
When we do things for the wrong reasons, we tend to only see short-term success.
It's because working toward and reaching goals is hard work.
If we don't want it for ourselves and with our whole heart, then when things get tough we lose steam and fall short.
We have failed but it's more like we've failed others more than ourselves.
The people around us, the "audience" holds us to a standard and it's up to us to listen to those voices and let THEM decide or to listen to that louder voice inside of us!
The choice is ours to make every day
Which will you decide?
The long-term success can be found when YOU want it for YOU.
Don't let that voice coming from those that doubt and want you to fail decide your fate
Listen to that voice inside you that wants YOU to succeed!
It's powerful when we stop living for everyone else and start living for YOU!

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