Tuesday, January 6, 2015

shedding the "weight" within...

Honesty among women is a beautiful thing.  
Most of the time we give highlights, often fabricating the truth to make ourselves feel and look better in front of other women.

I think we have it all wrong.
I think imperfections, honestly and vulnerability are what make women so beautiful...
It is only when we hide behind those imperfections that we find ourselves bitter with the rest of the world around us.  That negativity will breed negativity and suddenly we aren't the person that we thought we were. 
We find ourselves comparing our battles with the ones of others and then that becomes a losing battle, I know first hand.  
Today I choose to not "sit on my cactus" YOU WITH ME?

We should embrace our struggles and not hide behind it.  We have a closed group page within our local workout group and we post everything...if it's funny, sad, happy, motivational, we share it all!  We had some posts go up a few days ago that were heart wrenching.  I started to cry as I read their words because I felt the pain behind it.  
It was honest and it took incredible strength and courage to share but they did.  

I think when we see someone with a visible issue with weight, we may see their beauty 
but we also might pass judgement? 
But not knowing the "weight" they carry within isn't fair.
Now keep in mind, I AM NOT making excuses for people that struggle with weight, after all I preach NO EXCUSES all of the time
 but I am shedding light on the other side, the side you often won't see.

They are carrying the weight of failure, of defeat.  They feel helpless and while it's easy for us to say workout and eat right, they are feeling the weight of a thousand pounds resting on their shoulders.  They know we're watching, "Will they finally succeed? Or will this time be like last time where they lost the weight and they gained it back plus more?"
They feel that it's only a matter of time until they fall right back into those bad habits and are back at the bottom of their mountain...

It's breaking into that level of emotion when the magic will start to take place.  It's when we reach that level that the transformation will occur.  And I stay awake at night TRYING to figure out a way to reach in and find it for each woman that struggles and comes to me for guidance and help.  
The best I can do is work from experience. Focus on what didn't work in the past and why, go from there but for the life of me I can't figure out how to tap into that deep level of the "I WANT, I WILL WORK FOR IT" attitude.  BUT you better believe that I will NOT stop trying!  Ever!
For so long I felt pity for myself, I built a wall of excuses and felt comfortable because I could justify-at any given moment, a reason of WHY I was the way that I was.  
I was overweight because...
I was unhealthy because...
Failing came easy for me so why not keep it up?
I had proved my success in weight loss endeavors, I could lose 15lbs in the blink of an eye but you better believe I could gain it back twice as fast!  
The failure always came after the "diet".  It was the "Oh glad that's over, now let's eat"
You see, that short-term success was all I had known and obviously I failed at it time after time so what good was trying when I knew the end result was failure once again?
And this is what leaves me speechless...
Every woman asks and I cannot find the one word answer...
I know in my heart that I was tired of quitting, tired of giving up and failing and I was really tired of feeling crappy NON STOP.  
I was sick and tired of feeling trapped in the world of excuses that I created for myself. 
Now how can I bottle that up and share it with the Universe?? 

Truth is, we all deserve to live life.  We should be present and able to soak up all that life has to offer.  Playing with our children and grandchildren, doing things that we thought weren't possible, setting goals and for once, reaching them and going beyond them to setting more and more...and more!

I challenge YOU to help someone remove that "weight" within. 
 The weight they hold so close, the weight that has held them back from LIFE.  Help them shed it and start a new beginning.  Inspire them to see that failure isn't the only way.  
Show them a new path, one where strength, power and success is all around! 
If we help them do that then the true weight will begin to fall off and their new life will start to form 
Yes they must WANT it but not the way that I used to...
I "wanted" change all day long.  I'd sit and THINK about how badly I wanted it, talk about it and most of the time I'd cry about it.  Feeling sorry for myself in my little pity bubble.  
When I started working for it, believing that I could change...that is when my life took a different turn.  The one that has brought me to where I am today.  Still reaching and learning but also helping and guiding women that felt lost and helpless as I did for many, many years...

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I love a filling breakfast that fuels me for the day.  I drink 8oz of water before the meal and 8oz after to give a sense of fullness before my food has had a chance to digest...it works wonders  
This is 1/2 c oats topped with fresh berries and cinnamon.  
 This one is 1 c plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 TJ's high fiber O's and 1/4c fresh berries!  YUM!  
*If YOU have a go-to recipe you'd like to share please email me at rissarose80@yahoo.com.  I'd love to share on The Move It Momma facebook page, Instragram: MoveItMarissa as well as on the blog-of course, linking back to your page, info as well! We can work together to inspire a nation!  
Who's with me?  

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Aimee Stiggins said...

So true! Thanks for the motivation! BTW What kind of bread do you usually eat? And where do I get it!!!!

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