Monday, January 26, 2015

spreading the LOVE!

If you love something you want to share it with the world!
I decided to share my passion to help others and my life hasn't been the same since!  It has truly changed my life.  I am a stronger woman, understanding that ALL of us have a different story to tell but similar goals.  Those goals unite us and bring us together.  The unity that is felt among these women should be spread across the country!  It's AMAZING!  Like our own version of Biggest Loser, on such a personal level.  We hit milestones TOGETHER and that's what sets us apart!  We are stronger together and hearing that one of these women showed up that day because another sent a text or made a phone call...
that's spreading the LOVE!  It's working.  My vision and my passion is working...

How are you sharing your passion with others?
Are you working hard to reach your goals but feel like you're going at it alone?  
My hope is that Move It Mommas goes into every neighborhood in the country?  
Ha, here I go thinking crazy but why not??!  

I'll start with my birthday SNAPCHAT I shared last week 
because it shows the happiness from that day!  
The Momma's threw me one heck of a birthday celebration!  SO MUCH FUN!  
My Move It Mommas had a bday lunch fit for a queen!  I felt so beyond special and loved!  These women are SO much more than a workout group...they amaze me every week!  

Today's class was the largest class since last year around this time!  I guess the beautiful Texas weather inspired my Momma's to come out for a great workout and I've been happy ever since!

We had several new members begin today and each time we bring a new woman into the group, it amazes me how these women make them feel right at home.  No intimidation, only encouragement!!!  It's beautiful to witness...
Ladies need weight, somebody steps in and offers, a lady needs water or a mat and there's 2 or 3 women right there handing them a bottle of water and a towel!  AMAZING!!!  

I receive messages every day that make me understand HOW incredibly important each person in this group is to one another.  We need the support!  We are laying it out there, our most vulnerable side and asking for acceptance...that is TOUGH to do, especially for strong women.  It's a gorgeous group that everyone should meet...wish I could share their stories, their strengths with the world and I have faith that someday I will!  Their strength will be shared, their inspiration known and their determination will INSPIRE a nation! 

Here we come, get ready world-MOVE IT MOMMAS ARE READY!!!!  

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