Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I believe that change won't happen by focusing all of your energy on who you were, 
or who you used to be and your OLD WAYS.  
Change comes from focusing on building who you want to be right NOW!  

You must be willing to do things differently.  You must take on the world in a different way and makeover your MIND.  The heart will follow...
I have days where I feel like giving up but that would bring me back to that unhappy place.  I'd be that girl that just settled and didn't fight back.  That girl is a distant memory and I'd like to keep her that way.

If YOU or someone you know seems to have lost hope in finding that healthy balance, act now!  
Help them understand that their life is too valuable and you love them too much for them to settle.
I settled and it brought me nowhere.  I was unhappy and tried to make others unhappy as well.  Unhappiness breeds unhealthy habits and the cycle will continue until you decide that YOU deserve better, you deserve more than what you are doing!

The trouble I've found is that so many people want others to do the work for them.  It doesn't work that way and it never will.  A doctor can't fix your issues with emotional eating, just as a pill can't determine your success.  That MAGIC must come from within.  You make the MAGIC happen and YOU BEAT THE ODDS!  If someone or something else did the work, then you don't truly change.  Fighting hard every day made me a stronger, healthier and happier person and that is a gift that cannot be taken away from me...EVER!

One thing has never changed.  I LOVE being different.  I love standing out.  I didn't love being unhealthy and unhappy though, BIG DIFFERENCE.  
I created an empty slate for myself, never knowing what the road ahead of me will lead but I've trusted this path and it has brought me to an entirely different level in my health, fitness and life so I'll put my faith and trust in knowing who I work on creating and building every day is a better, stronger version of who I once was and used to be!

I promise to help EVERY person see that they are capable of these same changes AND BEYOND...yes, I'm talking to you too :)

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