Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Inspire CHANGE...

But first you must demand change from yourself.  

We can't expect to live our current lifestyle, WANT change and it magically doesn't work that way.

I had to get to a place where I craved feeling good more than I craved the impulse of eating.  Your battle may be far different but no matter the change you seek, it all starts with demanding that change from deep within.  

There was no point in my life where I was "happy being unhealthy", lets get that straight.  I had life's ups and downs but my "downs" were WAY lower.  
I'd get to a dark place and when I was nice and comfortable there, I'd self-sabotage through eating.  It was a way of me telling my unhealthy, overweight-self..."Ha, told ya so!"
So when asked the #1 question I always get: "What finally clicked? What was your moment?"  
It was many moments tied together that eventually left me so fed up with who I had become.  I was sick of being HER and I wanted a new way of I created it. I stopped wanting others to do it for me and did it for myself.  It feels far better that way, the healthy way.  I'm able to see my own strength because I had no help, no "lose 20lbs in a month-guaranteed", and there was no putting in 20% effort- I had to go ALL IN.  

Does that take courage and strength?  
Well yes, but why not fight for what you want? It's better than wishing for it while sitting surrounded in self-pity, isn't it?   

So rather than just be proud of what I've done for myself, I figured why not help others do the same.  What good is changing my life if I can't help change others in the process...
Helping others has given me the ability to see that I am not alone, I was never alone...yet felt that way for years.  But as I help and encourage, others must see that it will be hard work.  

The first few weeks of change are easy...
Making it stick is a different story.  

After you get it wrong time and time again, when you FINALLY get it right...the magic happens and your life will never be the same.  It's getting back up even when all hope seems lost.  Be honest with yourself and with others.  Don't sugar coat it (literally!), tell it like it is.  
For me, I have days when I want to lay in bed angry at the world because I have to work SO hard at my health every day.  Then I have other days where I wake up, stand tall and think-look how strong and healthy I have become...lets do this!  
It's about keeping your head high and pushing forward on the not-so-easy days that make that change stick.  The MOMENT things get tough and you give up...then it means you aren't ready for might WANT it but you aren't ready to work for it...but it's never too late-you'll get there!  One day at a time...

Some inspiration from my Move It Mommas:

They've all had good days and bad...
Each of them are busy with families, children, husband's crazy work schedules, their work schedules, school, sports...LIFE.  
But results come from HARD WORK, EVERY DAY.
The attitude of no excuses must come to play every, single day of your life and when you can't find it-reach out to those that have it and they'll inspire you to find it once again!  NEVER QUIT. 

The mom is like the glue of the household.  If she's leading a healthy lifestyle, every one else will stick right there with her.  If she's practicing poor behaviors, chances are-the family is watching and looking to simulate those behaviors as well.   If she's happy and healthy, the odds are her family is as well!  

One change that sticks out to me with each of these transformations (and some of my Momma's have needed to simply tone/firm up and get healthy but I STILL see their...

It's a different smile.  It's a happy, confident, full of life smile.  I can't quite describe it completely but it's beautiful when you witness it.  They walk with confidence, they are fierce in their workouts, they carry themselves differently.  They wear more fitted clothing, they strut when they walk as they should!  They are BEAUTIFUL, STRONG and INSPIRING WOMEN. 
And by them gaining a new outlook on life, it inspires others...helps others realize that they too can seek change and find that happy and healthy balance!!!  
When we finish a tough workout, they are glowing.  That glow is carried on to other aspects of their lives and that is how we change the world!  
That SMILE can change other women...and it is, one woman at a time.  

It's what keeps ME going when I want to quit....they keep me going. I truly believe they are the reason I have stayed true to my goals and pushed myself so hard these past, few years!  

INSPIRE CHANGE WITH THOSE AROUND YOU!!!!  INSPIRE YOURSELF!  Go out and find that SMILE you've been longing to create!  It's there-within each of us!  

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