Tuesday, May 26, 2015

its your mountain.

As I watched Extreme Weight Loss tonight, I found myself inspired on a whole new level...if that's even possible?  Yes. 

Those twins were AMAZING...their story, their struggles, their transformations...their "mountains".  
They met The LA Lakers and were so excited and when Kobe Bryant walked up to them, his words spoke to me as well...
He said, "everyone has a Mt. Everest...you want it bad enough, you climb it."

Understand this, Your mountain might not be like the woman who works out next to you at boot camp, the gym or running on the pavement but she's pushing hard, she's hurting, she wants to quit, she's sweating, she's sore and aching all over, she wants to give up yet she's tired of quitting, she has good days and bad...

I like having my own mountain to climb, it makes me strong and unique in my own way.

We are all worthy of climbing OUR Mt. Everest.  

I wish I had a platform like Chris and Heidi Powell...but I don't.  I have a park, a set of weights, a yoga mat and a cute bag that my friend designed for me...and that IS enough!  Because if my passion can change ONE life, then I've done what I've set out to do...BUT together?...oh together we can change the world!

The toughest part?  Getting these women to see what I see in them...
They see insecurities and flaws, I see beauty and strength.  Be jealous of my job, I get to witness GREATNESS.  I witness the beauty of women coming together to accomplish a goal.  I am able to see women push hard, breathe heavy and embrace one another so it gives them strength to finish one more set or one, final lap...
We climb a little bit every day...and while that mountain gets tougher when we aren't together the other 23 hours a day, we've created a support that can last far beyond that hour of boot camp...there's nothing greater than that! 

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