Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Not sure about you guys, but if there's NO music,
then there's NO working out for me!
I MUST have music to motivate and help me push through my workouts!
This has become much more difficult with children, because if I'm doing a workout video, I have to listen for the monitor for my youngest, so I can't have the music cranked up quite so loud, and when we're jogging or bike riding, I can't turn it up too loud, because I need to be focused on the things around me for safety reasons...however, when I have a chance to have a good 'ol Mommy workout ALONE, I crank up my iPod and GET MOVIN'!
I have a special section on my iPod dedicated to workout tunes and I have a HUGE variety of motivational songs to get my heart pumping and the calories burning!
**If you are stuck in a workout rut or can't seem to find an exercise that you like, then I suggest to try finding some of YOUR favorite songs, listening to them while you're walking, running, biking, at the gym or WHEREVER! Then let me know you feel...
So, what's your favorite workout tune?
and like I told you before, if nothing else motivates, turn on the tv to music choice, find some great new songs and have a dance party in your living room....
or wait, does that just happen in our house? Don't judge, I can get a totally great workout just by dancing like a crazy woman in the house :)

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