Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Travel with CSN stores!

Instead of the holidays being focused on FOOD, why not spend it traveling and finding destinations that keep your family active and healthy??!
If you decide to take a FUN trip, you'll need luggage and I know that my family is in desperate need of some NEW ones...what about you?? If so, then these luggage stores are right for you!
With the HUGE selection, I'm sure to find something that works for our family...and you can hurry on over and find something that works for your family too :)
Move It Mommas Healthy Holiday Tip:
Organize something fun and active to do after gathering around the dinner table with your families! Try a walk, bike ride, hike, football, making snow angels, ANYTHING that keeps your family active while making memories that will last a lifetime!!

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TV's Take said...

Love the holiday tip! When my family comes to town we all take turns chasing after KLV, which seems like a workout. Also Marshalls has amazing deals on luggage. Hope your having a great day.

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