Monday, May 2, 2011

March of Dimes-March for Babies 2011

left: my mom(aka MeMe), my boys and I, and our buddies Jenny and Parker!

Just wanted to share our professional, post-race pic :) Whew I'm lookin' pretty sweaty and my boys are too!! I still cannot believe I ran the full 5 may not sound like much, but for's a HUGE accomplishment! Now I'm ready to take on more mileage, so we'll see!! Ha and we had to photograph my 'ol stroller too, it's got a lot of miles on it as well!!!


Running Mama said...

Wow! Way to go...that IS a big deal, I've never ran that far nonstop before. Woo hoo!!

Chunky Monkey said...

Thats great! Congrats on the run.

Kelly L said...

Great job!
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Paula - Running Mom of 5 said...

Great job!

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