Tuesday, July 5, 2011

...crossing the finish line

Yep, there's me after my race! 31:41

And not even a BIB to show for it, because my printer is acting CRAZY :(

Katie @ Amos Adventures


...and that's just naming a few!

I will add more pics throughout the week! Your 5K finishing times are amazing! Keep up the hard work and push through that heat! You have until the 9th, so keep the entries coming in :)

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, surrounded by family and friends!


Megan said...

Yay for us!! Thanks for organizing!

samiam4eva06 said...

Great job ladies! My time def won't be as good as theirs but I did it to challenge myself in general. I've only walked a 5k once before last month, so jogging should be interesting!!
Thanks for putting this together! I may borrow your idea soon :)

Mommy Minded said...

You are SUCH a rockstar!

Sarita said...

My last 5K was 29:43 minutes and my 10K was 54:53(after blowing my knee out).

Run with Jess said...

I just send you my picture and time!

Anonymous said...

Woo, way to go! I'll try to get you my stuff tomorrow!

Terri said...

28:20, but I cheated and ran it on the TM. The incline automatically varies on the programmed 5k, so that was something. Thanks so much for hosting and I'll send my photo later today!

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