Sunday, July 17, 2011

where CAN you eat?

Since changing my lifestyle back in 2001, when we are out with family or friends, I am often faced with a question,
"Where can you eat, Marissa?"

Hmmm... they almost say it with a bit of sarcasm.

What does that even mean? I CAN eat anywhere...right?

I may choose to make healthier choices when it comes to eating out,

but I would survive at ANY restaurant...well, almost any :)

So, my answer is usually "anywhere is fine with me, you all decide!"

So, I guess my question is...what is your favorite HEALTHY restaurant?

I'm counting on all of you to give me some great answers, so that I'm able to stump them the next time I'm asked to choose!!!

Today's Workout: Nice, 2 mile run at NOON. Yes, NOON! In the sticky humidity and blistering heat! I'm sooo dramatic, but it's true. I'm ready to wake up to 60 degree temps! Or maybe another one of those rainy runs??! I came home dripping in sweat with a pretty good pace too! So, I'm happy!


Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run. said...

Ha! We just had a conversation about this today. My husband and I have gotten pretty particular about the food we'll eat "out". We don't buy anything with high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, or MSG, which pretty much knocks out food from most traditional chain restaurants!! Eating out we're not as picky about those things--balance in everything--but we sure have cut down our list of places we'll eat out at. Always a winner for us: Chipotle. And, while their portions are GINORMOUS, you can always split or get the salad (really good). And, if you leave off the cheese and sour cream, it's reasonable. I also like Panera. We ate lunch there today and I had 1/2 of their Mediterranean Veggie sandwich with a Classic Salad. I don't usually worry about calorie counts, grams of fat etc., but I want to walk out of a place and not feel like my belly or my head (the MSG/sodium will totally do this) are going to explode.

jillconyers said...

I get the same question! I don't even get the sarcasm anymore LOL And if anyone says, Jill/mom can decide, my choice is to eat at home :)

Some places are easier than others but I can manage toeat anywhere. My favorite is Chipotle. Tasty, fresh and easy for everyone to order. Including me. We had a similar conversation yesterday while running a trail race and Chipotle was hands down the most common favorite.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I completely understand this. Of course, in all honesty sometimes I would just rather eat at home! I live in a pretty rural area, and all the restaurants within 40 minutes or so aren't ideal--lots of fast food and southern diners.

fancy nancy said...

I know the feeling! I try to find healthy options at all our family favs and that way I can find something and they don't have to sacrifice or rather make me feel bad! A good example was when I was visiting my parents this week. I would usually order a big pile of fried clams but I opted for a grilled salmon salad. I felt much better after!!!

April Westerhold said...

The 2 toughest places to eat for me are Mexican or Italian. Yes, I know that I can CHOOSE not to gorge myself on 4 rounds of chips and salsa but that is a definite weakness for me. Some places to eat:
Ruby Tuesday (they have a salad bar) and can be paired with a naked grilled chicken sandwich, Applebee's has healthy options, Red Robbin has a fantastic fiesta salad

kimert said...

I kind of use to hate that question when people around me would ask. I can eat anywhere I want.. I just scope out a menu before I go and prepare myself for making the healthiest choices that I can. Most any sit down restaurant is going to have grilled chicken ( I specify no oil or butter) and steamed veggies (no butter) and hold off on the bread if I have to.

Mommy Miles said...

We have actually limited our eating out as a treat or reward. We used to eat out all the time because I hated to cook. So, I've really taken to trying to new and healthy versions of some of our "eating out" favs. Our only rule with dining out is nothing fried and we always start with salad to help curb the appetite a bit.

Jen said...

I don't have a favorite healthy resturant, but my family goes to red robin regularly and I either get a soup and salad combo or their blackend chicken sandwich take off the bun with a side salad. :)

WannabeRunner said...

Mexican is my biggest downfall...i just can't resist the chips & salsa! But usually at other places I can find a good salad & request the dressing on the side.

Kelsey Godfrey said...

Oh girl. I used to get this all the time. Most of the time I just declined the invitation to a dinner out, but if I did go out, my friends and family would always jawdrop at what I ordered.

Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

For brunch, I love First Watch. They have a lot relatively low calorie options on the brunch menu and I can sub in avocado. Panera is an easier choice for lunch or dinner because the calorie count is on the menu and a lot of the soups are reasonable (the veggie pesto is good and great for you). That's all I've got so far!

Sanity and Sweet Tea said...

I have an app on my iPhone that gives me calorie and other nutritional information about restaurants, so I try to plan ahead if I know I'm going somewhere.

My favorite "healthier" place to eat is Jason's Deli. They have an unbelievable salad bar. Next on my list would be McAllister's Deli. Great salads, but I have to watch myself because I love their sweet tea!!

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