Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm BACK!!! and the winners are...

the winner of the WaterGeeks stainless steel water bottle w/ filter is...
#46(picture entry) Katie Schmidt @ Sweat and Sippy Cups

The Nuun 4-pack and sports bottle goes to...#63 (finishing time entry)
Kim @ Another Running Mom

The Inperspire Fitness Towel goes to...#18 (picture entry) Jess @ Run With Jess

BondiBand-winning one band of their choice is...# 33 (Just) Trying Is For Little Girls( spread the word entry)

and finally, the winner of the GU Performance Energy Sampler is #78 (photo)Pam @ Moms Run This Town
WINNERS: You have 48 hours to contact me via email with your shipping info!

I am emailing all of YOU, NOW!!! Go and check your email...hurry up!
Congrats to ALL of the winners AND participants...and a big round of applause to all of us for completing this race and trying our best each day to be the healthiest women that we can possibly be :) I think hosting my very first virtual race was a success and I hope all of you had as much fun as I did! Like I said before, I am totally amazed by all of you and the support you gave to me during the organization of this race! THANK YOU!!!!

I am feeling MUCH better and actually ran 2.6 today after NOT running for NINE days :( I don't think I've ever gone nine days...well, except for when I gave birth to my boys both times. That sinus infection sure knocked me down but I'm back and ready to go! My oldest son has recovered from his middle ear infection...that was NO fun. I think it's safe to say we're ready to enjoy the rest of our summer! Now if only these Texas temps would drop below 95+, I'd really be happy! It's not fun running in what feels like a sauna!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Thank you so much! So glad you are feeling better.

Mommy Minded said...

Congrats Winners!

Katie Schmidt said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks so much for hosting! What a fun event and I must say a race where you don't have to pay and you win something is pretty dang awesome! Glad you are feeling better!

Samantha said...

Thanks for hosting! ! So glad your feeling better!!

Megan said...

Congrats winners! Thanks for organizing! It was fuuun!

I'm so with you on this running in a sauna business as your next door neighbor in Louisiana.

kimert said...

Thank you for hosting this and thanks to the fab sponsors!

And yay, I won! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice giveaway! Congrats to the winners!

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