Friday, October 28, 2011

how will you "treat"?

My boys are ready to Trick or Treat and have some Halloween fun! But what about the "treats"...will YOU indulge?

I know that I will have to give in to temptation when it comes to Reeses Pieces and Skittles! Ha, I don't really like sweets, unless it's cheesecake but if either of those two are in their buckets, I'm grabbing them!
We must keep in mind that every now and then it's ok if we all splurge but it's getting ourselves back in control AFTER the holiday that can be a problem for us!
My advice: If you don't eat it that evening, throw it away! Indulge with family and friends that evening and what's left...get it out of the house! If it's there, we'll tend to grab it when we're feeling hungry, right? RIGHT! Why put ourselves through that? *Some dentist offices will have an exchange program where you turn in the candy(to prevent cavities, but it can be to prevent calories too! Ha!)they'll give you a toothbrush, stickers, etc and in return they send the candy to our troops! Pretty cool, so check if your area has these programs available! Other than that, have fun and enjoy the time with your family! *Also, see if there's a Monster Mash-Halloween 5K in your area. It's a great way to keep the family active before consuming way too much candy and chocolate! I plan on waking up Halloween morning and running to start the day off right.
*Plus, tomorrow we have the D'Feet Breast Cancer 5K and I'm very excited. We have a cold front in our area, so woohoo no more 90 degree temps, we're in the 70's! And the best part, no more mosquitos. AWESOME! My friend will be running her first 5K and I am SO excited for her, I know she'll do great and hopefully if she likes it, I can get her racing with me all of the time!


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Courtney said...

I have been eating some of the candy lately but every once in a while, i have a few downfalls that I love so!

good luck on your run tomorrow it sounds like it will be great!

My SoCal Life said...

stopping by from the fitness hop! I just bought our halloween candy today and I bought candy i don't like, i sure hope that helps! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think I will allow myself to have a few small Halloween treats, but only after I have a great workout that day! I need to burn off the candy before I consume it. As far as leftover Halloween candy goes, we will probably give the rest of it to the last trick or treater or toss it in the garbage. We spent less than 20 bucks on candy since we don't get many kids at our door and we sure don't need all that candy for ourselves!

jillconyers said...

I'm no a big sweets eater but just to be sure I never buy candy I like. Each of my kids will each give me a mini size bag of M&Ms. I will eat 1 bag and the second bag will still be around in a month.

Thanks for linking up Marissa! Would you mind helping me spread the word about Fitness Friday and include the blog hop button in your post or on your sidebar? Thanks a bunch.

I'll send you a reminder again for next week :)

Anonymous said...

Good advice! When I was a child, the candy sat around for ever and I know my parents quite regularly helped themselves.

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